When we moved into our new house, one of the first projects that we undertook was to put together a nursery for our first baby that would be arriving in only a few months. We decided to go forest theme. The biggest part of this was a large wall mural that was composed of tree silhouettes. Here is a quick tutorial on how we made it.

Step 1: Materials

Here are the materials that you need for this project:

Paint: You will need three colors of paint. You need a white paint, a light colored paint and a dark colored paint

Primer: I prefer to use a separate primer rather than using the paint and primer in one combination.

Brushes: You will need a variety of brushes (and probably rollers). You will do most of the painting with regular brushes. But you will also need an old beat up nasty brush for rough stippling.

Painter's Tape: I highly recommend using FrogTape for this project. It is the best at blocking paint and preventing it from seeping under the edges. You can also use some regular painter's tape to help cut cost.

I just used tape and painted around it. Where I tore the tape at the end of the "branches" made for a natural looking break of the branch. The wife likes it, thanks for the inspiration.
<p>Awesome. Thanks for sharing.</p>
This is great. We just moved into our new house with a baby on the way! This is a great idea for a nursery, simple yet perfect.
<p>Cool, might try this on my room if I paint it. </p>
<p>I love it! excellent touch!</p>
Wow, this is stunning! Well done!
<p>This looks fantastic! When I move into my first house, this is definitely happening.</p>
<p>To get really clean lines at your masked edges, paint over the tape edges with the same paint you used beneath the masking tape. Any bleed through is then the same color as the background and it creates a seal at the edge of the tape to keep subsequent coats from bleeding through. You may need a little help from an exacto knife when removing the tape once you have multiple layers of paint over it.</p>
<p>Thanks. That is a great idea. I will add it to the instructions.</p>
<p>Wow that is gorgeous! And you made it seem so simple to achieve the effect. Thanks for sharing!</p>

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