Picture of Simple Basement Security System

In this project I will show you how to build a very simple security system for all kinds of rooms. It might be simple but still effective. It is based around an Attiny85 and uses a reed switch and a key switch as inputs to see whether an intruder has accessed the room. A buzzer will then notify you or other persons. Let's build it

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Step 1: Watch the video!

The video gives you all information to build this simple security system. But I will cover the most important steps again.

Step 2: Order your parts!

Picture of Order your parts!
ohter parts.jpg

As always, you can't build stuff without the correct parts. Here is my material list with example sellers for your convenience:

1x Arduino Uno (as programmer for Attiny85):

1x Attiny85:

1x Reed Switch:

1x Key Switch:

1x IC Socket:

1x 12V Buzzer:

1x BC547 NPN Transistor:

4x 10kΩ, 1x 1kΩ, 1x 640Ω Resistor (1/4W):

2x 10µF Capacitor:

2x 0,1µF(100nF) Capacitor:

1x Push Button:

1x LM7805 (5V linear regulator):

1x DC Jack:

1x PCB (striped) :

1x Male Headers:

1x Female Headers:

1x Red LED 5mm:

Step 3: Build the circuit and connect the external parts!

Picture of Build the circuit and connect the external parts!

Here you can find the schematic for the circuit. I also uploaded my layout for the stripped PCB. If you build it exactly according to my layout then the chances are higher that everything will work in the end.

And don't forget to make interruptions in the copper traces! Those are the yellow dots in the second layout.

If you managed to finish the circuit then go ahead and connect the external parts like the reed switch or the key switch to the main PCB. Use my picture of the PCB as a reference.

Step 4: Upload the code to the Attiny85

Here you can download my code. Feel free to change it if you are not pleased with the functions. I used an Arduino Uno as a programmer. Check out my other videos to see how this works.

Step 5: Success!

Picture of Success!

You did it. Now you can protect your belongings a little better and feel safer.Feel free to check out my Youtube channel for more awesome projects:

You can also follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ for news about upcoming projects and behind the scenes information.

Now no one will ever sneak up on me again!! XD

Wyle_E1 month ago

I used to install burglar alarms, and my first reaction to this was "This doesn't need a microcontroller, just a couple of relays." Then I realized that the Attiny costs less than one of the relays.

BLR_RAVI1 month ago
you wrote simple but i say wonderful project..creative idea..nicely done..