Typically, you learn how to wobble before you learn how to walk. But in the world of bots, anything is possible! That is why a day after showing you how to walk and two after showing you how I roll, I am back to show you how to do a little wobble wobble. That's right! In almost no time, you can be out wobbling around with the best of 'em. All of the parts in this project are simple to find and even less-than-experienced bot builders should be able to make this one pretty easily. And, more experienced bot builders should be able to have some fun modding this one, as the casing leaves a lot of room for experimentation.

Step 1: Go Get Stuff

You will need:

(x2) continuous rotation servo motors with the controller removed**
(x2) self-adhesive oval coat hooks
(x1) small plastic container
(x4) zip ties
(x1) 4 x AA battery holder
(x4) AA batteries

**To learn how to remove a servo controller, visit this page.

<p>Great project as always! By the way, I made it. Well, kind of. You will not recognize it after several changes I did:<br></p><p>https://www.instructables.com/id/Roboto-the-Wobbling-Toy-Robot-evolution-of-Randofo/</p>
<p>Your additions make it something else entirely! Great idea :)</p>
Thanks Randy!! :-)
Awesome project neat if i change the wheels to something that makes noise and hook up to a timer i will be awake on time <br>ur awesome
Nice &amp; innovative idea!Can you please tell me can we use toy motors instead of servos as they are expensive and wheels instead of coat hooks? Thank You!
yes because the servos already have their *stuff* removed and act like normal motors that you would find in RC cars<br>
hey can we use normal wheels in place of those self adhesive oval coat hooks as they r not available in india ??
dude they are avalable in india even in small towns like mine
hey, randofo. can you please suggest a very easy yet innovative robot that a 13 year old like me, could build in 3 hours? since i really liked your projects, thought i could ask you to help me... i need to make it on the spot, so can't use anything like soldering,chips,servo motors,etc<br>Thanks a ton
hey can u please tell wether v can use normal wheels???
Where do you get the self-adhesive oval coat hooks? I can't find anywhere in the US that sells them (Google shows them only in the UK). Any suggestions?
I got them at Ace Hardware. You can probably also get them at any<a href="http://www.walgreens.com/search/results.jsp?Ntt=hook&amp;x=0&amp;y=0"> Walgreens</a>.
Found them at Ace.<br>Thanks.
cool 5/5<br>would this still work if the leg things lined up? (apart from losing the wobble)
Yes, it moves faster. It kind of throws itself forwards.
Amusing! I had to laugh, even though I'm reading this from a Library. You need to figure out how to make it go in a relatively straight line. 8&gt;)
It seems to have some trouble staying in a straight line.<br> Anyway it looks great.
It has to do with the wheel positioning, one is slightly higher than the other one. I have re-adjusted them a few times and I could never seem to get it perfect, as it always drifted to one direction over the other. I figured that, perhaps, that is just what it wants to do.

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