Step 4: Z Axis & Tool

 The drawer sliders need to be attached to the 300mm lengths of the Y-Axis

Cut one lump of wood to go In-between the 2 300mm lengths at the top in to this a hole needs to be cut for the bearing this hole needs to go all the way through the lump of wood. 

A Length of wood needs cutting to add to the bottom of 300mm lengths of the Y-Axis. A hole needs to be cut halfway through for the bearing.

Now add the threaded rod threw the 2 bearings. Its important to make sure the Threaded Rod & the Drawer Sliders are all level.

measure and cut a small sheet of MDF to fix the tool to. Once the tool is fixed in to place attach the MFD Sheet and tool to the drawer sliders.

I've used Polymorph to make a mounts for the mill tools

You now need a length of wood to go in between the  2 drawer sliders at the top you also need 2 lumps of wood to sandwich the nut. 

Attach the Y-Axis & Z-Axis to the base sheet. Next cut some lengths of wood to act has support struts it is important to make the Y-Axis level both vertically and horizontally

An overview of the finished Z-Axis