This is a very simple and fast mold for casting plaster or epoxy. I'm sure the picture explains it all, but to make things all good and proper, I'll go through it step by step.

NOTE: This isn't my idea, I'm just reposting it, because I think there are many more applications for this technique. The idea comes from Hirst Arts Fantasy Architecture. If you are interested in this project, I suggest you go take a look there at www.hirstarts.com

Step 1: Push in original

Push the original object you want to cast into the clay and pull it out.
<p>What type of clay is used for this?</p>
Whenever your making a mold, i think it would be easier to cast from a flat surface for a more accurate copy. For instance containing your clay in an box and smoothing out the top before casting the plaster or epoxy. Also to have a super accurate copy split your clay and box in half, push in you model get a tube of some kind like a straw and push that adjacent to your model close and fill. <br />
NICE!!! simple yet effective!<br />
would the clay mold get distorted as you take out the casting?
It does a little. I just try to be very delicate when pulling anything out of the clay. If it deforms too much, I just knead the clay and try again. This really isn't a super-precise way to cast things, but it is fast, easy and cheap, so it does have an upside.
good point! its also reusable! for double sided castings could you just cast both sides and glue them together?
Don't see why not.
ok this is cool,ZIm gonna make one but make ice cubes instead!!!
awesome instructable :-)
Good instructable. You can also cast in lead, like in my instructable. (excuse any grammar or spelling mistakes in mine, that was a couple years ago.)

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