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I designed this guitar stand to be universal and really simple:

  • no glue
  • no screws
  • no nails
  • just one piece of wood.

In this case I used a board of oak wood, 25mm thick, about 22 cm wide and about 38 cm long.

You can use the template I made and modify it to change the size. I found that a corner of 9º works best on all acoustic guitars, I haven't tried an electric guitar yet tho.

If you decide to make your own I would love it if you'd send me a picture of it at

Step 1: Transfer the Template Onto Your Board

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I printed my tempate on an A4 sized piece of paper and punched holes in it on interesting points so I could draw inside those holes on the wood.

Step 2: Drill Two Holes

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Then I drilled two holes with a drill having the same diameter as the thickness of the board (in my case 25 mm).

I wanted to keep the holes round and just off center to ensure a snug fit.

Step 3:

Picture of

I used a fine saw to work inwards from the hole to be able to make the middle cut. This did require some patience however :-)

Step 4:

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I first completed the middle cut to keep the structural integrity intact whilst working on the other hole and finally the last two cuts to finish the guitar stand!

Then I tried to fit the pieces together, sanded, tried again, sanded some more and then the stand was finished!


melanieosborne made it! (author)2017-08-10

Thank you so much for the design. I made this cardboard one out of a really old and slightly bent cardboard box.

I printed the template out in A3, made four of each half, then used 50/50 PVA & water to laminate them together. I left the two halves to bond under a heavy chopping board with pans of water on top until dry (overnight).

The two halves slotted together perfectly and are ideal for the 3/4 size guitar we have.

xcarte made it! (author)2017-03-31

I made four of these out of some old and very brittle pine baseboard (not recommended! lol).

Two of them broke before I finished. The third came out well but was too undersized for my son's acoustic guitar (but will probably hold an electric).

this is what I learned:

I found the stated "lean back" angle of 9 degrees was pretty accurate.
In my case I found that I really needed a lip at the base to keep the guitar from sliding off.

I used a 1x10 pine board, 19" long to make the two pcs. The final length of the two pcs was 15.25".
I put a lip at the end of the "L" and a curved "back rest" at the top of the "L".. this really added to the stability of guitar as it sits in the stand.

I traced the outline of each pc and dimension-ed it for future reference.

The brittleness of the wood I used probably means that this one won't last long.. walnut or maple for the next one.

mejones645 (author)2016-09-13

add the non hook side of sticky velcro so as to not scratch guitar

bugblatter made it! (author)2016-03-13

An alternative idea — cardboard! I stuck three layers of double thickness corruguated board together (from the box that the guitar was delivered in), with the structure running in different directions to add more strength. I adapted the design slightly to include ‘hooks’ to hold the front of the guitar. The advantage of cardboard is that it is softer than wood and shouldn’t scratch your guitar. Its also easy to cut the ‘feet’ at angles to sit on the floor better. I have included the adapted cutter guide should anyone want to do the same…

Michel_Cevzar (author)bugblatter2016-06-12

Totally doing this, thank you :)

JohnPark made it! (author)2016-05-27

Great design, thanks for posting. I based mine upon Bugblatter's modifications.

lennartdemeij (author)JohnPark2016-05-30

cool! a little more waste wood but the result looks great on your awesome guitar! O_o

Gr8fulDad made it! (author)2016-02-29

Brilliant design idea. As stated...simple and elegant. I had three guitars and one stand. Desperately needed something. This was the perfect solution. This could be finished to match the decor of the room or the finish of the guitar. Fits my electrics just fine.

lennartdemeij (author)Gr8fulDad2016-02-29

Wow this is the prettiest one I've seen! Nice work!

If you like the design you can vote for me in the plywood contest! 2 days to go.. (I don't know if I'm allowed to ask tho)

gavincarter2000 made it! (author)2016-02-24

hey thank you very much for the instructions, I'm really happy with the results.

Wow! Looks so nice on your guitar, well made!

gfry (author)2016-02-19


JoanneE5 (author)2016-02-18

My fiance' is making this tonight.

WandersonA3 made it! (author)2016-02-16

Olha Só! fiz um teste aqui e uma mudança, que pra mim melhorou bastante. Ainda farei outra mudança elevando a base traseira pra não permitir que o violão caia. " usei madeira velha e serra ruim, quando terminar os testes farei com acabamento fino" obrigado pela idéia. e parabéns!!

Muito legal! Pensei desses "ganchos" bem, mas as minhas guitarras têm tamanhos diferentes ... Olha grande embora! Muito obrigado por compartilhar.

Supercool! I thought of those 'hooks' as well but my guitars have different sizes... Looks great though! Thanks so much for sharing.

WandersonA3 (author)2016-02-11

Perfeito Farei vários pra deixar na igreja, é simples e elegante.

Obrigado! Por favor, mostre-nos fotos! :-)

com certeza será um prazer!!

Corasaurus Rex (author)2016-02-11

This is great! and the fact that its your frist Instructable I hope you do great I voted for you good luck.

that's so nice of you! i hope everybody does the same :-D thanks!

that's so nice of you! i hope everybody does the same :-D thanks!

cammers (author)2016-02-10

Very nice, simple, functional. I think I will make one.

jeanniel1 (author)2016-02-10

We have a metal guitar stand, and it's hopeless. The guitar keeps tipping over sideways. I can see how this design would work with the curve of the bottom of the guitar in keeping it upright. Also can scale it down for a ukelele, too! Elegant

lennartdemeij (author)jeanniel12016-02-10

great idea! if you make a ukelele version, please share a pic with us here! :-)

UpCycleLivin (author)2016-02-09

this is perfect. thanks for sharing this. I'm going to give this a try.

jetpower (author)2016-02-09

Really nice "Why didn't I think of this?" design!

You also might like to check out the Nomadic Furniture books by Papanek & Hennessey. I still use its slot-together desk, many decades after making it in my college's woodworking work (see below for original drawing).

lennartdemeij (author)jetpower2016-02-09

thanks, great compliment!

dogtails2 (author)2016-02-09

This instructable looks terrific and I plan to make one for my best friend's son. I have one question. Does the guitar sit squarely on the base or could the base be curved for a smoother fit?Thanks!

lennartdemeij made it! (author)dogtails22016-02-09

The 'feet' on which the guitar effectively stands should be square for the bottom of your guitar probably is too. However, the surfaces of the stand that touch the backside of the guitar could be curved for a better fit but it probably won't be as universal anymore because every guitar will have different curvature. I've added an image to show how the fit now.. Good luck and post some pics!!

dogtails2 (author)lennartdemeij2016-02-09

Thank You! I will post as soon as I get it done!

lennartdemeij made it! (author)2016-02-09

I added a template myself that you can print on an A4 size piece of paper and then center that on a board of 22cm by 38cm.

good luck and show your results!

westislip (author)2016-02-09

What an excellent idea for a unique gift. Would you please furnish the dimensions?? I intend to make a template so I can make several units as gifts. Once I can make one template, all I have to do is trace it and cut the un its on my band saw. Thanks.

I int

Chenkzr (author)2016-02-09

A clever idea. Only one question: is the front coated with something to prevent scratching the instrument ???

srutkowski (author)Chenkzr2016-02-09

Adhesive weatherstripping would do the trick.

tensegrity (author)Chenkzr2016-02-09

You could just stick some little felt pads on there, like for the bottom of furniture legs. Eight pads total would be good--four at the farthest points of contact and then two each at the interior right angles.

blueaxe (author)2016-02-09

So simple! I love it! I will be making at least a couple of these, thanks for this. :)

Marianne818 (author)2016-02-09

I'm not sure if this went through.. but I'll repeat in case.. I love this idea.. may do that when I gift it to my son.. will be fun to see his reaction. I'll post a picture when I get it finished!

Marianne818 (author)2016-02-09

I love this, will be making at least one maybe two for my son for his birthday. I'm sure his friends will be wanting one also. Thank you for a great instructable!

I made one for my dad as well, it makes a great gift! I wrapped it disassembled, as a plank, and let him figure out what it was ^_^

darklotus (author)2016-02-09

Elegant in both senses of the word - well done! I'll be making a couple of these for my acoustics.

lennartdemeij (author)darklotus2016-02-09

thanks! please post some pics when you're done :-)

diamondemb (author)2016-02-09

This is a great Instructable. I'll be making a couple of these too.

srutkowski (author)2016-02-09

A few people mentioned using felt to protect the guitar.. an excellent suggestion. An even better protection would be weatherstripping tape.

I have 9 electric guitars and I know how easy it is to put a ding in the finish.

malaprop (author)2016-02-09

Great little stand, Lenn! I do believe I'm going to make some, myself.

I wonder if a version made out of stacked cardboard would work out?

ILykMakin (author)2016-02-09

This is great! I'd like to build one for each of my guitars and try one for one of my electrics. Your schema in the first set of images is missing measurements tho'..


DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2016-02-07

Great looking guitar stand. I like how the wood of the stand really goes with the wood of the guitar body.

Thanks, that means a lot :-) are you gonna make it?

I probably will as soon as I get a working guitar.

JGDean (author)2016-02-08

I really like this design, but I'm not sure why you used round bottoms to the slots other than possibly making cutting them easier. "Bottoms" to these slots that were almost square would make it fit better without weakening the structure of it (perhaps two 10 mm holes - 3/8" - instead of one 25 mm - 1" - one).

The easy ability to modify it to fit different sizes and shapes of electrical guitars is especially important to me. For various reasons, I would cover the surfaces that would come in contact with the guitar with heavy felt or some other sort of padding to prevent possible scratching of the fine finishes.

lennartdemeij (author)JGDean2016-02-08

Indeed the round bottoms were easier for I don't own the equipment to make them square. But even then I wouldn't have squared them because now the two pieces lock together when you push hard enough..
And the minimalism was an estethic choice but feel free to make your own! I'm really curious how it will turn out! Let me know!

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