Simple Elegant Guitar Stand





Introduction: Simple Elegant Guitar Stand

I designed this guitar stand to be universal and really simple:

  • no glue
  • no screws
  • no nails
  • just one piece of wood.

In this case I used a board of oak wood, 25mm thick, about 22 cm wide and about 38 cm long.

You can use the template I made and modify it to change the size. I found that a corner of 9º works best on all acoustic guitars, I haven't tried an electric guitar yet tho.

If you decide to make your own I would love it if you'd send me a picture of it at

Step 1: Transfer the Template Onto Your Board

I printed my tempate on an A4 sized piece of paper and punched holes in it on interesting points so I could draw inside those holes on the wood.

Step 2: Drill Two Holes

Then I drilled two holes with a drill having the same diameter as the thickness of the board (in my case 25 mm).

I wanted to keep the holes round and just off center to ensure a snug fit.

Step 3:

I used a fine saw to work inwards from the hole to be able to make the middle cut. This did require some patience however :-)

Step 4:

I first completed the middle cut to keep the structural integrity intact whilst working on the other hole and finally the last two cuts to finish the guitar stand!

Then I tried to fit the pieces together, sanded, tried again, sanded some more and then the stand was finished!

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add the non hook side of sticky velcro so as to not scratch guitar



My fiance' is making this tonight.

Perfeito Farei vários pra deixar na igreja, é simples e elegante.

Obrigado! Por favor, mostre-nos fotos! :-)

com certeza será um prazer!!

This is great! and the fact that its your frist Instructable I hope you do great I voted for you good luck.

that's so nice of you! i hope everybody does the same :-D thanks!

that's so nice of you! i hope everybody does the same :-D thanks!

Very nice, simple, functional. I think I will make one.