Picture of Simple Evil TV Remote Possession Device

This prank makes it seem like a TV remote is possessed or broken. Once a user pushes a button on any remote the device will record the code then send it out multiple times. Thus, if a user pressed the channel up button the tv would change channels! several more times!

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Step 1: Theory of operation

In simple terms the operation does the following:
1) Wait until an IR pulse is detected
2) Record the IR pulse sent
3) Wait for a second
4) Send the same pulse several times
5) ????
6) Profit!

Step 2: Bill Of Materials

Picture of Bill Of Materials

1x Arduino - version should not matter.
1x IR receiver. Make sure it has 3 legs
1x IR led
1x Small piece of wire
1x TV to prank

I had an old VCR sitting around in my attic that I was able to salvage the IR receiver and the IR led from. as a bonus the remote for the VCR would make an awesome camouflage for the finished project.
ariva11 year ago
the code doesn't work. i use an Arduino UNO and a TSOP4838 ir sensor.
Can you correct the code?
Perhaps it's the Arduino's IDE software installation problem. To me it works fine
drakesword (author)  ariva11 year ago
I am not 100% convinced it is a code problem. The TSOP4838 are polarity sensitive and can be burned up if wired incorrectly. I will dig out my arduino and give it a test though.
My tsop4838 sensor works well, is not burned.
I wait for the result of your test.
mykiscool3 years ago
Great tutorial thanks for making it. It is easy to follow and make. An interesting way to test the IR led is with a digital or cell phone camera. You can see the normally invisible IR led light through most cameras.