This prank makes it seem like a TV remote is possessed or broken. Once a user pushes a button on any remote the device will record the code then send it out multiple times. Thus, if a user pressed the channel up button the tv would change channels! several more times!

Step 1: Theory of Operation

In simple terms the operation does the following:
1) Wait until an IR pulse is detected
2) Record the IR pulse sent
3) Wait for a second
4) Send the same pulse several times
5) ????
6) Profit!
the code doesn't work. i use an Arduino UNO and a TSOP4838 ir sensor. <br>Can you correct the code?
Perhaps it's the Arduino's IDE software installation problem. To me it works fine
I am not 100% convinced it is a code problem. The TSOP4838 are polarity sensitive and can be burned up if wired incorrectly. I will dig out my arduino and give it a test though.
My tsop4838 sensor works well, is not burned. <br>I wait for the result of your test.
Great tutorial thanks for making it. It is easy to follow and make. An interesting way to test the IR led is with a digital or cell phone camera. You can see the normally invisible IR led light through most cameras.

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