This is an easy to make, super slim wallet made from bicycle inner tube and staples.

Unlike most bulky wallets available to mere humans, this one was designed to be as small and thin as possible. No more wrestling your wallet from the clutches of your jeans! Also the simple design makes it easy to use. Just flick open, and everything is immediately in reach.

This wallet has spaces for two often used cards, a coin pocket, and a second pocket for notes and extra cards.

Thanks to Instructables member Bardouv, who I shamelessly stole this idea off. After losing my wallet, this project proved that every cloud has a silver lining. *

* Not a valid scientific proof.

Step 1: Tools and Materials


- ruler
- a pen or pencil
- stapler (loaded!)
- craft knife(not essential)
- the largest coin in your currency
- a credit card or similar


A piece of bike inner tube, about 45 cm (18 inches) long. The easiest option is to find an inner tube from a racing bike, with a circumference of 65 mm (2 9/16"). Larger diameter will also work.
I love the instructions for your wallet!! I made a couple of them because I thought that yours was so neat. Your directions were easy to follow. I made a couple of changes in the wallets that I made. I cut a separate piece of tube and placed it between the middle, between the card holders and the back of the wallet. I sew mine as well. I sewed the front part to the inner layer and then the sides and bottom together. What a clever wallet you made!! Thanks for taking the time to share your instructions with us.
It looks great! How has it held up over the past couple years?
Thanks DIY Dave. I'm still using the very wallet shown in this Instructable. Two of the staples have come out and some have gone a little rusty, but it's in perfect working order. Because of the bulky when full coin pocket and little protection, some of my cards have gotten a bit warped. Especially when I left it lying in the sun. Functionally it's great though.
Cool. That turned out surprisingly easy and good quality.

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