My wife and I recently visited the Dominican Republic, and returned with quite a few souvenirs - among them, a set of five colourful decorative plates. We needed a way to display them, so I created some simple and easy to make display stands with some wood I had sitting around. They turned out well, so I decided to share them with the world!

Step 1: Materials and Tools

You can build this stand with materials you may have lying around, as I did, or you can go out and buy what you need. For my stands I used 1" (2.2cm) wide square mahogany (lying around, I promise!) and 5/16" poplar dowel. If done properly, you don't even need glue or fasteners!

I've mix and matched metric and inches here (Canadians tend to do that) so double-check each number.


25-32 cm long piece of 2.2cm (1") wide square stock
18-24cm long 5/16" diameter dowel


Drill press
5/16" drill bit
Miter saw (manual or powered)
Scroll saw or a coping saw or a 3/4" chisel
carpenter's square
a ruler
a hammer or mallet
a pencil
Just need a plate stand for my girlfriend
<p>great design. awesome use of scrap materials. my wife is a preschool teacher and needed 32 plate displays for hand painted plates her students are making for Christmas. cleaned a bunch of scrap outa my shop and had a good time. kudos</p>
Good job.
I like! This could easily be adapted for other uses such as holding a flatscreen or painting. Good job.
Sure could! You could also use it to hold open a book, like a recipe book while you're cooking.
That looks great, your instructions are clear and you have really nice pictures!
Thanks. :)

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