Simple RGB LED MOOD Colour Potentiometer Without Microcontroller

Display the color combinations of color LEDs without using a Microcontroller

you Can Make a Simple Color Cycle Display For RGB (Red,Green,Blue) LEDs
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Step 1: What You Need

Picture of What You Need
You will Need:
1]1K potentiometer x3
2]330R resistor x3
3]LED Red,Green,Blue x3
4]Battery holder x1
5]Perforated boards PCB
6]Ribbon Wire

Soldering iron
Wire cutters/Strippers

Step 2: The Circuit Diagram

Picture of The Circuit Diagram
Here is a diagram showing the parts and how they are wired.  Solder the circuit

Step 3: All Done & Colour LEDs

Light on! Thank You !
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Jacqui 874 months ago

Can you do this same thing with a RGB Led as apposed to three individual LEDs?

angelesdm3 years ago
Cool man. Students will really like this specially if you will enclosed it into a paper ball (origami) and then turn the lights off so they could make different lights. we could even instruct them to make cyan, magenta, yellow and other colors just by turning on and turning off some lights. they will appreciate the color theory.
znelson7103 years ago
But the LEDs each have their own max voltage... by using the same value resistor does this cause the blue to be dimmer when it is at "full brightness"?
I meant to say the red light to be dimmer
India1003 years ago
Simple WOW ! Rate and Follow too !
Avadhut.Deshmukh (author)  India1003 years ago
Thank You Very Much
wow cool
mischka3 years ago
I absolutely agree: Why not make it simple?
Ya I agree as well, but its still cool rated 4.5*