I made this simple storage box for my baby's toys. It's an easy one day project and you can improve or add your own design to it.

Material you will need:
  • Your choice of wood.
  • Mitre saw, skill saw or hand saw.
  • Jigsaw (use special blade for cutting angles)
  • Biscuit jointer and biscuits no10.
  • Hand sander. different grit levels.
  • Cordless drill ( for screws and pilot holes)
  • PVA Glue, glue roller, tape, pencil, screws, pins,  2 hinges, clamps, set square, ratchet straps or long clamps.

Safety : When using electric tools use ears and eye protection.
Keep body parts away from sharp blades. WORK SAFE!

Step 1: Choose box material

You can make the box from a few cheap materials such as soft wood, plywood, mdf board and more. After deciding what material you are using think about the pratical size of the box and what will be its purpose. I made my box size Length=800mm x Width=380mm x Height=450 that is a good size for keeping all my baby toys tidy in one box. I chose to use soft wood 19mmx144mm.
  • Start  by cutting your length and width size using a mitre saw or hand saw.
  • Don't  forget to subtract the thickness of the material x 2 from your width to achieve your box width design.
  • Use a long set square to mark the lines between the joints, those lines will guide you when using your biscuit jointer.
<p>I built a similar toy box for my son's stuffed animals. I used 1x8 shiplap pine around a frame built of 2x2s. The boards came from a neighbor's remodeling project (with permission) all reclaimed from the scrap pile. This worked out great because allowed for the box to be vented without cutting extra holes. I had to go back and add the cutout on the front so he could see that his animals were still in there when we closed the lid. </p>
<p>I made a toy box like this, but rather than buy the joiner, I just bought T&amp;G flooring that's already designed to combine into a flat plane. A Liquidator store had the bamboo my wife like on clearance, so it was pretty inexpensive. Better yet, they had rough 3x3 pallet strap supports that were being discarded, that they allowed my to salvage.</p>
<p>The pictures are awesome! But of course kids would love playing with the wooden box! Haha! And the box would be great for keeping their things organized. No doubt moving house, including toddlers like this little fellow here, would be very fun with lots of these crates around to imagine things in! Castles and boats and all of that kind of thing. Nicely done!</p>
<p>This storage box would be a great help for getting the storage room sorted out. It can help to store all the things together and prevent a mess from being created. When more than one box is stacked up together on top of one another, more space can be created as well to increase storage.</p>
<p>I am sure you can still buy handbook with all info you need on http://woodprix.com :)</p>
<p>That picture of your kid in the storage box - CLASSIC! Kids love playing in boxes of all sizes!</p>
<p>Which woodworking plans site is best? Anybody have some good<br>recommendations?</p>
<p>Just wanted to thank you for the great easy-to-follow plans. I just finished my own rendition of this project for a friend. I added the pieces on the lid to make it more &quot;bench-like&quot; and used 8 inch wide boards for the bottom and cut the curved decorative part with a jigsaw and cleaned it up with a router. Really happy with the Sugatsune SDS-210 lid stay.</p>
<p>l really like your project. I am trying to figure out the price for making a toy box and bench. Do you remember about how much it cost for you to make it?</p>
This toy box and bench cost about $170 for materials. I did already have the tools like a table saw, handheld jigsaw, router, and orbital sander.
I haven't built this yet but it's what I was looking for-for my two sons. thank you for sharing
<p>This storage box looks simply stunning! I love things that are customizable so I can add a coat of my favourite colour that would match my other furnishings around the house. I think this would definitely be perfect for anywhere, be it the living room, bedrooms or even the bathrooms for towels and other accessories. However, having seen your adorable child in it, I think this best suit the children&rsquo;s room which is inevitably messy with countless toys and knick knacks.</p>
<p>I am going to make this! However, with a few modifications... I want to be able to have a lift out tray to store items I use on a daily basis and I would add wheels to the bottom in order to move it around easily. Also, I could also see using this to hold my notebook PC just by turning it backwards so the lip on the bak would prevent the laptop from sliding off... </p>
We have a similar storage box for toys and knick knacks but we did not DIY it. We just bought it off a furniture store and it was made of plastic. We need more of such storage boxes but it was quite pricey when we bought it. I think it is a great idea to start DIY-ing our storage boxes which is more cost effective and they are customizable too.
Kreg Pocket Jig is one method (one I actually love as I own one). <br> <br>Making a 15degree hand router slide block is another way to make a pocket bore slot. Both methods are great for flat jointing panels. <br> <br>Another method if you have a table saw is tongue and groove. A router is beter suited for this if you have a table mounted router. Both allow you to set your cuts to have a flush surface. <br> <br>Another method uses a Hand router and a jig that creates a slot in both boards and placing a piece of wood like a biscuit but uses a home made jig that clamps to the boards using the router to create the biscuit slot. <br> <br>Another method if you have a table saw is using a 4&quot; diameter x 1/16 scoring saw that cuts a 1/16 groove in the edge of the board. Then you can use 1/16 edge shavings from the edge of a board to act as the biscuits but as one long continuious biscuit down the length of the board. <br> <br>Clamps are still a must for any of these methods. <br> <br>Last is a $45 + (price will vary where you find them.) is a Table mounted Router with a finger joint router bit from Skill. There are other router bit companies that have more expensive versions but if you have a simple router table and this one bit you can finger joint all your planks together with an extremely strong glue joint. <br> <br>Unfortunately,I do not have a pro account so I have no way to show you each of these methods. Just saying there are other methods than biscuits and dowels. <br> <br>Happy Woodworking.
Great design. I can't see how suffocation can be an issue given that there are two big holes in the sides. PLUS we never had soft closing mechanisms growing up and we are still here. <br>I'm off to build one of these tomorrow. <br>You can get biscuit bits for routers.
Love your instructable! Following your easy instructions I used builder grade plywood and I split 2 X 4's to make a box for my firewood. Thanks
I dont have a biscuit joiner or the money to buy one is there a different way of joining the wood like that?<br />
<div align="left"><span style="font-size: 9.0pt;">Of course there are many ways, for example you can use bigger sheets of timber that way the only thing you would have to do is cut it to the size you plan to build&nbsp;your box. I attached an image of a&nbsp;bigger plank of pine wood I used for another job or&nbsp;you could also use MDF which is not expensive and you can shape and paint it to be an amazing box. I attached an image&nbsp;of the inner box as an example. The blue lines represent&nbsp;the wall supports. The red dotted lines are screws screwed into pilot holes that you can leave open or close with wooden plugs. Apply enough wood glue and with the support blocks in place it will be as strong as if you used a biscuit jointer.<br /> </span></div>
are you for real?
this is nice ill see if i can do better SHOW OUT ALL ORGAMI PROJECTS SEND TO ME AND ILL MAKE THEM AND POST THEM PLZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BORED TO DEATH AN ILL POST SOME OF MY OWN PROJECTS AND DRAWIND<br />
Thanks for all the suggestions guys :)<br />
Kreg Pocket Hole Jig Jr. <br><br>http://www.kregtool.com/Kreg-Jigreg-Jr-Prodview.html
Drilling dowels will work like stated but I would recommend practicing on some scraps before doing it on the good wood. =)
&nbsp;You could use a drill to drill some holes &amp; put a peg in there like the press board furniture uses<br />
I believe it is possible to rent some power tools from stores that specialize on selling them. Try home depot.<br />
ebay<br />
Dowel would do it, but it's a little trickier.<br />
you could but it would take a vary tidius and long itme to get it perfect
Convenient storage for recalcitrant children. &nbsp;I love it! &nbsp;:D &nbsp;<br /> <br /> Honestly, that box makes a very attractive alternative to Rubbermaid bins for the SCA events that I enjoy attending. &nbsp;Very nice instructable. &nbsp;Thank you!<br />
Indeed, and there are no &quot;slats&quot; for him to get tangled in, so it is completely safe (splinters notwithstanding).

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