Simple Travel Tripod





Introduction: Simple Travel Tripod

Here's a really simple travel tripod, erm, camera string...

Step 1: Materials

- Six feet of light duty rope or heavy duty string
- A spool
- A 1/4-20 eyehook

Step 2: Assembly

1. Tie one end of the rope to the eyehook
2. Tie the other end around the spool
3. All done!

How to use:
Screw the eyehook into your camera and step on the other end of the rope. Pull until the rope is tight, as long as you maintain tension on the rope you've got a kind of one point tripod. I guess that would be a monopod. Wind the rope up to travel.



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consider a longer bolt and a nut, so it can all be held together when not in use

That would actually be called a stabilizer not a monopod...but good guess.

Fishing line works well, too.

It will be a bit more stable if you stand on it with both feet and knot the end of the string back to the eyehook, thus making a triangular shape. It's even more stable if you keep the cord of the camera around your neck. Also, if you add a few knots to the rope to mark the space between your feet you can keep the height of your camera constant.

but that amount of string would get a little annoying wouldn't it? but it is still a good idea, it would keep it from moving back and forth when you don't want it to, but if you want to take a video, it would limit your movements.

its more of a stabilizer than anything, really

I like it. +1 points for your snappy Instructable. You should enter this in the Pocket-Sized contest. I am going to link to yours from my own tripod entry.


Actually a pretty smart idea. You could like hang the thing to a tree, and your camera will hang there or something. That might not work, I'll have to work on that...

Maybe change it to string pod or something? Not a tripod.