Simple USB Fan





Introduction: Simple USB Fan

This simple fan is designed to keep your wireless internet router cool!

Step 1: Construction


-Cable with male USB end
-12v computer fan
-Electrical tape


Strip the ends of the USB cord to revel 4 wires. Strip only the ends of the blue and green wires. Strip the ends black and red wires on the fan too. Solder the Green wire to the black one and the green to the red. Wrap electrical tape around the connections. Now wrap electrical tape all around the exposed wires. Plug it in to your computer's USB and Place on a vent on the router. This simple fan will keep it from over heating during long uses and will prolong its life.



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    I just want to let you know that when you talk about soldering it basically sounds like you are saying + connected to - which = short circuit.But your probably not saying that.

    I dont noe what is the voltage that comes from USB red n blac wires pls can eny1 tell me what is the voltage running in a usb port

    Dude you have the same router as I. Mine also gets hot... It's a WRT150N... :)

    Nice instructable and stuff, but I am not rly all for simple passive USB projects like this. Guess what happens if you short out or pull to much current from the USB port....boom your port is fried ( yes this has happened to me.). I'm just saying u have to be really careful and have experience to do this stuff ( from the looks of it your not because you are using a wood burner to solder.). ;)

    POE uses 15 volts, the fan should be able to handel 3v difference

    The correct connection should be black to black and red to red. White and green are the lines for data transfer, red and black provide power.

    Would this mod be enough to keep an HDD cool?

    How come 5V power from USB... powering 12V Computer fan?? Is it become slower? Why not just taking a parallel power from same DC power jack that supply to router since the power from DC adapter is 12V?

    I had a ghetto-er version. I have a Linksys WRT54G, so there's lots of room to play around with inside. Mounted a 40MM fan inside, and soldered the wires on to the power connectors.