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This is the most simplest ipod stand ever. There is only 16 basic pieces! you should have a basic set to make this.

Step 1:

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These are the main, er, sections of the stand.

Step 2: Section Connection One.

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you connect 2 with 4 and then you connect 4 with 5. You can stop here, but step 3 will make it sturdier and at a better angle.

Step 3:

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Now you connect 1 with 2 then 2 with 3. Place your Ipod on 4 and see if the piece shown here fits your Ipod. You can modify or adjust it to fit yours. Mine is a 3rd generation nano with a green rubber case. I don't know what you will use this for but put it to good use!


MoustacheCat (author)2012-09-15

I would say that the simplest iPod stand is your hand.

Lowney (author)2009-09-08

Good 4 stars

NYPA (author)Lowney2009-09-08

So you're a person who actually cares about simple stuff?

Lowney (author)NYPA2009-09-08

Simplicity is key in my opinion. I'm making a wooden ipod dock atm with an amp inside. I might post the amp.

cj81499 (author)2009-05-13

cool and easy just the way I like it

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