Introduction: Single Sided Really Bare Bones Board Arduino in EAGLE.

Paul Badger of Modern Device Company designed the "Really Bare Bones Board" ( and placed the design in the public domain. (Thanks Paul!)

I've converted the design to the EAGLE CAD package, and in the process I noticed that you can pretty much make it into a single-sides board as well, probably not to hard to make using hobbyist materials.

Design files here:


hishamfaraj (author)2013-01-04

Hello First off Thanks a lot on this link its amazing!!. I need your help though.
I have downloaded the files and the eagle cad all is working perfectly. I need to know how to print the schematic on a Photo paper so I can later on use it on PCB board .

No1Daemon (author)2011-07-27

How do I find the physical board size in Eagle?
Or can you tell me the physical outside dimensions please.
I am looking to get some made.

westfw (author)No1Daemon2011-07-28

In the board editor, you can use the "info" command on the lines in the board outline. The SSRBBB is slightly less than 18x78mm

TheWaddleWaaddle (author)2011-04-23

This board kind of reminds me of SolarBotics' Ardweeny, except IT'S DIY!!!!

Mdob (author)2009-09-13

Um instead of using the AtMega 168 can you just substitute the 328 without any changes to the design? And can you substitute the resonator with this crystal?

Thanks in advance :)

westfw (author)Mdob2009-09-13

Yes, the 328 will drop in with no modifications. If you want to use a crystal, you'll need to also find room for the two 22pF caps that go with the crystal (these are built in to the resonator.) A couple of tiny SMT caps would go on fine, but it would be difficult to find room for more TH components.

Mdob (author)westfw2009-09-13

Ok thanks for the quick reply i was just trying to save some $$$ by using a cheap crystal. Thanks for your help. If i wanted to could I just solder the 22pF caps onto the leads of the crystal? Thanks for your help again :)

FrozenFire (author)Mdob2011-02-01

A crystal, while more accurate, is not used on the RBBB for cost reasons. Resonators are usually a *lot* cheaper. Unless you go to your local Radio Scam.

westfw (author)FrozenFire2011-02-02

While it is conventional wisdom that resonators are cheaper, I seem to find this to be not very true, at least in small to moderate quantities. Both 16MHz resonators and "typical" crystals are about $0.30 from Mouser, for instance. I like resonators because they're smaller and included the needed caps in the same package, making PCB layout and assembly easier.

beverageexpert (author)2010-01-26

please update the link to the files. I have been looking for this as I will be using my makerbot to mill pcbs and really want to make this.

westfw (author)beverageexpert2010-01-28

Ah; I had tried to correct the link before, but something went wrong.  It should work now.

barnes (author)westfw2010-12-10

It is down again. Any chance you can re-upload it somewhere?

westfw (author)barnes2010-12-10

Grr. Stupid "permanent" sites that aren't! Now at Google Docs

buchacho (author)2009-12-12

Can someone update the link to the files perhaps to somewhere safer than geocities?  Thaks!

icecreamterror (author)2009-09-05

This deserves a whole lot of love! Is the pin spacing 0.1 inch on the board meaning you can use in a breadboard? The 7805 option, the two 100n caps for noise reduction, single sided......this is pure win on every level!

Bongmaster (author)2009-04-11

nice :) will have to give this a try and see if it can be done with the sharpie method XD (i have no way to tone transfer)

trialex (author)2009-04-10

Very much kudos. Single sided designs can be hard! I'll definitely be using this next time I need an arduino without in-built 232/USB - at the moment I'm making a full size board and just not populating the comms parts.

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