Picture of Skylanders Birthday Party
My son Zander just turned 7 and chose the ever popular Skylanders for the theme. Skylanders has been around a little while now and there have been 3 versions released thus far: Spyro's Adventure, Giants, and Swap Force. He wasn't particular about which version so we just did a general Skylanders theme.

There are lots of resources online for anyone wanting to plan a party with this theme. There is even a guide made by Skylanders. I looked around on several different sites and blogs and took ideas from various ones. Among those that were most helpful were: , , , and

Now that credit has been given where its due, lets get to the 'ible.
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Step 1: The plan

Picture of The plan
In skylanders, the characters are broken into groups by elements. There are 8 elements: fire, water, earth, air, undead, magic, tech, and life. So the plan is to have 8 games, one for each element.

I saw several different ways to do this in my research (fancy, make you feel smart word). Some gave prizes after every game, some gave small trinkets after every game and a big prize at the end, and some gave only one prize at the end.  I settled on the following:
Make each child a Passport with all the element symbols on it (thanks to the original thinker of this). They wear it as a necklace throughout the party and upon completion of a game get that element punched out with a hole puncher to mark progress. When all 8 games have been played and all 8 elements have been punched, they collect their prize. The prize idea came from one of the sites I mentioned previously and was an awesome idea so I used it. I wont go into depth in this step but know of its greatness to come!

Now that we have our basic plan in place we need to start planning the details.

First lets start with printed stuff.
ktrisler6 months ago

Thanks so much for the psd files! Can you please tell me how to edit the text in psd? I tried, but it won't let me click on the layer and edit the text b/c I guess it has been simplified. My son's party is coming soon, so I would love to be able to use your files. Thanks again! Kelly

ecsaul23 (author)  ktrisler6 months ago

What's your son's name? I'll need to play around to see if I can. I saved them just as they were without flattening them but I tried to edit one not too long ago and I had a hard time with it too.

ecsaul23 (author)  ecsaul236 months ago

you could send me a private email to let me know which ones you need and what info you need on them if you'd like

ktrisler ecsaul236 months ago
Ok, thanks so much. I'll look to see which ones I am wanting to use and will email you the info. :)
lharding67 months ago
Sounds like so much fun, I hoped he enjoyed all your hard work!
ecsaul23 (author)  lharding67 months ago

thank you! I think he did.

kawaiilover7 months ago
Wow, you are so awesome and thoughtful, ditto best mom ever. Hope your son loved it! ;)
ecsaul23 (author)  kawaiilover7 months ago

thank you! He had a lot of fun. The kids who attended were saying it was the best party ever and the parents were asking if I was on pintrest :)

kyluddy7 months ago
My little brother will LOVE this! He is playing Skylanders right now too!
ecsaul23 (author)  kyluddy7 months ago

Cool! Hope he has a blast!

AngryRedhead7 months ago


ecsaul23 (author)  AngryRedhead7 months ago

Thank you! Its good to be recognized :p