Small DIY Bench Power Supply





Introduction: Small DIY Bench Power Supply

Here is a small video showing my latest project. It is a small bench power supply that can adjust with precision current or voltage.
It is the first time I use an aluminium enclosure, so I decided to engrave the labels and symbols. I use 10 turn wirewound potentiometers to be able to adjust the voltage or current with precision. I power it with a laptop charger, like the my Mini Adjustable power supply . This adjustable power supply is larger than the "Mini" I made, but it is a lot easier to use and has a few other advantages.  I will be posting an Instructable with detailed instructions of how I've made it.



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    I just would like to make a note that

    Volt, Amp Metter is useless. I bought 5 of those and find out that when you adjust voltage lest say to 1 volt and increase voltage to 15 it show 13-14 volts so it go off by 1-2 volt. I would guess if you go to 30 volt the error would be even bigger.

    Hi, it seems to me that your power supply didn't hold output voltage when load is connected (output enabled). E.g. when you set output voltage to 10V without any load (or with OE switched to OFF) voltage drop significantly when you connect the load (or turn OE switch to ON). I thing this should be the basic feature of any LAB power supply - to hold output voltage.

    Hi i still say Newton your the best lots and lots of love for your help and projects.

    vim from the united kingdom

    Hey...... Newton thanks a million.

    Wow..... well good ill give it a go.



    Hi newton

    wow that would be loved by many.

    please let me know ones instructions are



    Hi there, the instructable is posted! Sorry it took so long.

    hi newton,

    are we ready for your promise for the diagrams??

    Working on it today, sorry it took me so long.

    Very nice looking PSU. Any update to the creation of the instructable. I am working on one that will be Li-Ion battery powered with charger built in. Can't wait to see under the hood. Your work is so professional looking....

    Thank you very much. I'm working on the instructable right now, I hope to have it done in a few days.