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edwardc647 months ago

hello newtonn2 i see your (diy led projector) project i am asking a question can i use dead android mobile lcd in projector plz tell me how can use android mobile screen in projector how can connect mobile screen in lcd panel thx

nicofe2 years ago

Hi! I was checking your instructables and a question came to my mind,
Is it possible to make a safe, cheap, DIY LED projector with full hd native resolution?
It is also necessary that the projector has at least 5000 lumens of power

While I was looking for a first projector I found out that powerful projectors are impossible to buy in my country (they worth 3 times more the USA price) and the warranty here is a joke, and the fragile lamps cost a lot of money.

Thanks for your time and for sharing the knowledge!

Hope to see pictures of your next project.

They are All Very Nice.

newtonn2 (author)  stevenarango2 years ago
I will send pictures or maybe do an instructables.
I'm making a keyring power supply, let see how it does come out. Also another small bench power supply but with fine adjustment of volts and amps.

I saw on the photo that you have a bench power supply. I do have a switching power supply too, but still love to make power supplies LOL.
dody20003 years ago
hi newtonn2
i am confused about the fresnel i cannot find it in egypt so can i use a big diameter magnifying lens

please quick answer
newtonn2 (author)  dody20003 years ago
It don't thik so. Sorry.
dody20003 years ago
hi i am from egypt and i like your projector and your par top arcade and i have an idea for you you can make a pc all in one in the shape of par top arcade and all the wires is in the arcade but the usb and audio are out
please give an answer
newtonn2 (author)  dody20003 years ago
Hi there! I'm glas you like my arcade. I did that already, if you see the pictures of thr back of the arcade you can see the USBs and the Jack connectors for the MIC and speakers.

Hi, My name is Vamshi and i am from India. i am trying to setup a projector and found your manual to be one of the best i have come across. but, i am confused with the electronics part. do we have to go through that schematics or is it readily available?
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