Smart Drive Wind Turbine





Introduction: Smart Drive Wind Turbine

This is my smart drive wind turbine, its based round the smart drive alternators out of a smart drive washing machine. It is capable of producing a maximum of 1.6 kw's, most of the parts i found around my house and the blades are carved from wood. all the electronics i made myself so they are simple but effective. there is now a full step by step at This is perfect for off grid properties.



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    pretty neat, I'd love to see how you did everything, especially carving the blades, they look nice. How do you keep your smartdrives from cogging in low wind?

    The stators are decogged by twisting the poles and offsetting each stator by half a pole they spin very freely.

    Step by step is now up hope you like it!!

    I can't wait to see a full tutorial!

    Very nice!!! sounds like this actually puts out enough to be of practical value. I would love to see a complete tutorial on this.

    Thanks!!! I've just moved house so the wind turbine has been pack up but when i set it up again i will make a full tutorial.

    I am looking forward to it! It is a great idea!