So there was an unused raspberry pi 1B in the drawer and an unused monitor. That's reason enough to create a Smart Mirror.

The mirror should show time, date and weather information as well as status information about smart home switches and what music is currently playing.

Step 1: Things You Need

To create the smart mirror you need the following stuff

  • Raspberry Pi WIFI dongle (except for Raspberry Pi 3, this one has included WIFI)
  • Monitor (i used a BenQ 24'')
  • Picture frame (got one from https://wunsch-bilderrahmen.de in germany)
  • One-way mirror (got one from https://www.myspiegel.de/ in germany), but you can also use acrylic see-through mirror
  • Wooden slats to extend the picture frame so it can contain the monitor
  • Angle bracket to hold the monitor in the frame
  • Black duct tape to avoid direct glass to metal contact
  • Wood glue and wooden plug to glue the picture frame and the wooden border together
  • Wire or cord for mounting as well as screw anchors
  • Cable channel
  • Bar clamp
  • Drill machine

If you want a background light by a led strip, you need also the following

There is a list that contains the main costs of the project.

  • Picture-frame – 28€ ~ 29.3$
  • One-way mirror – 73€ ~ 76.6$
  • BenQ GL2450 – 100€ ~ 104.9$
  • Raspberry Pi 3 – 37€ ~ 38.8€
  • Wooden slats (already cutted into right length) – 15€ ~ 15.7$
  • LED strip 6€

This sums up to 259€ ~ 272$ assuming you have all the small stuff like tools, wooden glue, screws etc.. But as i already mentioned, reason to build the mirror was the unused monitor, raspi and led-strip so i invested 116€ ~ 122$ to give them a new task.

<p>This is amazing! I was wondering how much this will cost to make one?</p>
<p>I just added the calculation. Starting from scratch, the project costs 259&euro; ~ 272$</p>
<p>I'm normally all about making your own stuff but...<br> <a href="http://www.twowaymirrors.com/product/preconfigured-raspberry-pi-3/" rel="nofollow">http://www.twowaymirrors.com/product/preconfigured...</a></p>
<p>gef&auml;llt mir!</p><p>nice done!</p>

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