Picture of Smash The Summer Heat With These DIY Water Weapons!
Bring out the big guns!  Have you ever seen a water balloon shotgun?  Here's how to make a High Powered Water Balloon Shooter that will fire 17 balloons at once!
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Step 1: Watch the Video!

WARNING: Adult supervision and adequate training is recommended.  Misuse, or careless use, of equipment or projects may result in serious injury, property damage, and/or death.  Use of content is at your own risk

Step 2: Rocket Rifle & Candy Cannon

Picture of Rocket Rifle & Candy Cannon
This project is a done with a simple modification to some of my previous projects.

My favorite for launching water balloons is the a modification of the "Rocket Rifle".

You can see how to build that step-by-step in this video:

This will also work with the "Candy Cannon" and no modification is necessary.  It's ready "as is" and you can see how to build that in this video:

Step 3: Modify The Rocket Rifle With The Cannon Adaptor

Picture of Modify The Rocket Rifle With The Cannon Adaptor
To modify the Rocket Rifle into a Water Balloon Shotgun, all you'll need to do is unscrew the barrel, and replace it with the Cannon Adaptor.

The Cannon Adaptor is simply a 2' length of 2" PVC pipe, a 2" coupling, and some reducer bushings to bring the threads down to 1".  Lastly, a 1", Close (short), PVC riser so it will screw into the sprinkler valve on the rifle.

I added some camouflage paint to match the gun.
petejc1 year ago
I made one of these for my 2 boys. I bought a bum sprinkler valve so I had to go w a manual ball valve instead but they, and the neighbors love it's! anybody have a super fast way to make water balloons in mass? I'd add I picture but the app doesn't make it clear how to ( if possible!). thanks for helping me make many smiles!
ken.lenker petejc5 months ago

ken.lenker petejc5 months ago

Br4nd0n321 year ago

One of these in the form of the DOA-12 shotgun would be absolutely amazing

Darkmon1 year ago
Yo, You Da Man!
rcgrantham1 year ago
Would love to make this (these) to entertain the grand kids. I only wish videos would actually play on this App! Not one video -- of ANY project -- will even show up, let alone play. Bummer!
My son built a potato cannon that works great for this type of thing too except we don't put the water in balloons we just fill the barrel with water and out it comes with a shot of air.
Thank you for a great tute and idea.
Eh Lie Us!1 year ago
The King of Random is one of my favorite youtube channels.
bclamore1 year ago
Excellent. I love your projects, and you make very good videos too.
Can see No video on my iPad!
wa7jos1 year ago
A friend of mine built a "spud gun" with a sprinkler valve. He uses two 9V batteries in series to get good valve performance.
redman881 year ago
wish this instructable had more of the cannon build and less video of the build
badboysmob1 year ago
IamGutter1 year ago
Made one of these (this design) for the 4th, it was a bit hit. I experimented with different types of wadding and found that a wadded up grocery bag worked really well. I ran a string through the chamber end of the barrel and let it hang out of the muzzle end about 24" where I tied off the grocery bag so I wouldn't have to chase it down after each shot. I had a 2" barrel and was getting 350-400 feet at 65 psi with a single balloon. The only lubricant I used was water, had a breakage rate of one out of fifteen or so, very acceptable.
Milz20001 year ago
Your videos don't work on the instuctables app please fix