Smokin' Stove




Introduction: Smokin' Stove

Smokin' Stove

Step 1: Donation

OK, I done a favour for a mate and they kindly give me this towards my man cave. it was no good for domestic use but happy days it suited me perfect.

Step 2: Rotisserie

I decided that I would use it as my cold smoker/Rotisserie and connect it directly to my pizza stove chimney for no smoke in my eyes joy.

Step 3: Simple As.

I just bored a hole either side and connected the rotisserie directly to the side and bingo the job was done. You know me by now, simple as that!!!

Step 4: Goes Without Saying

I skinned this chicken and marinated and took a bite and broke down in tears lol
My next step is to convert a Beer keg into a hot stove to put below this and create a hot watch this space.

Step 5: Awesome

I mean come simple I know.



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