Smores Grilling Tongs from Wire Clothes Hangers

Step 8: Ready For Smores....Almost

Picture of Ready For Smores....Almost
1. put together 2 uncooked smores and place them inside the grilling tongs. Make sure that the tongs
    are in the unlocked position while inserting them.
2. Attempt to put the locks into there closed positions. If the smores do not sit in the tongs firmly, you
    may need to readjust some of the bent corners until they can be locked in place without moving
4. hold smores over the campfire and heat both sides until the chocolate and marshmallows have
    started to melt.
5. Remove from Tongs and eat. WARNING: Always use protective gloves or oven mitts when opening
     the locks. They have been heated by the fire and will burn you if you try do use your bare fingers.

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