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onrust4 years ago
So, if I'm to make a good "crap soup", should a spoon stand up in it? Just how thick is it? Sounds like a good ible! lol
crapsoup (author)  onrust4 years ago
well it should be pretty soupy, but by no means should it be a good idle or good edible. If you really want to know the consistency, it is 18 beers plus one pound of Mexican food worth of consistency. Hope that helps.
onrust crapsoup4 years ago
Instructable Nazi....LMAO!.... You may be my new favorite comic book super hero. What would be the crap soup super power? Oh, that sings! (referring to a later placed comment on your discussion)
crapsoup (author)  onrust4 years ago
Super powers huh? Well, I'm pretty good at ham-boning. i can eat 10 pounds of cheese in one sitting,and i wield the ancient mystical power of puns. I am also able to confound in a single bound. Oh, and i almost forgot, chicks dig me, that's a super power right?