Picture of Softmod any Wii (Version 1.0 - 4.3)
What does softmodding a wii do?
Well the answer to that question is can play backups of games if you lost your original games...(Like I do) You can play N64, SNES and SEGA console games on your wii! With the appropriate emulators...and you can use homebrew applications (There are loads of them Then you can also unlock the hidden DVD movie player, if you have a version older than 2010, or if its newer, then you can unlock the USB movie player!

This is a 100% legal! (Unless you go and download pirated games,even though you don't have the original games...) (So don't do that!)

This softmod/hack works for any wii! Old Wii's, New Wii's, VIrgin Wii's, Korean Wii's, Japanese WIi's, Softmodded Wii's, Hardmodded Wii's etc...

Password = NOT-A-PIRATE (This is the password for any downloaded files)

Softmoding can brick your wii, this is very highly unlikely. Accept this fact or stop now.

It works with 4.3u/e/j/k as well!

Never Ever Ever Update Your Wii From Nintendo

Here is a video of some of the cool things you can do once you have hacked your wii!
Sometimes the video gets a bit blurry and distorts a bit but that is because of my bad camera...Sorry about that :(

So if you want to start softmodding your wii, then lets gets started!

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tana.fee17 days ago
Help me! I bought a 4g sd card and have gone through these steps and have not gotten a letterbomb message. I am so trying to do this.. I don't understand what I did wrong. I cannot access the files on my sd card when I put it in the wii.
AndyB5 tana.fee15 days ago

I believe it has to be 2 gig or less and it can not be a sd hc, sd 2 gig I believe

hope this helps

shoyur26 days ago


Scrubber doesnt work for me, says to put .exe with the key.bin......

but mii boot created a KEYS.BIN, not a KEY.BIN..........

I tried renaming it without a S but doesnt work :(


Soupraok1 month ago

The Links don't work any more.... Is there any chance you still have them?

shoyur Soupraok26 days ago

same tuto but in a foreign language and links working, i just hacked tonight, works well

waterlubber1 month ago

Also, I updated my Wii recently, Homebrew Channel & everything else remained installed. I guess the most recent one just disabled WFC.

WiiAddict1 month ago
this made my day I have a Wii points card code and it worked! Hit up
RascosB2 months ago

Wii Unlocker

IshanM12 months ago

Slight mistake in this post. I bought my Wii when it just released and I'm able to play backups from my hard drive using Wii flow or CFG loader. Otherwise, nice post with working links...

waterlubber2 years ago
I followed the steps and I either got error 004: Corrupted file or nothing showed up at all! On the letter thingy do you cut red/blue wire (whats the difference) and which of the 4.3U, 4.3E, 4.3J, or 4.3K is american? HELP MEEEEE!!!
P.S the youtube videos are blocked by family saftey so please don't use them
vishalapr (author)  waterlubber2 years ago
4.3U is US so you should use that version.

Cut the red wire not the blue wire as the blue wire would result in the wrong download....

Hopefully this will solve all your troubles :)
Why do they have the red/blue wire thing? The site isn't very descriptive, something even I could whip up in a few seconds. What does the blue wire download, anyway? Thank You!

the red wire/ blue wire buttons were put there just to mess with people, ive done this twice both clicking the blue wire and the red wire, and both times worked fine. The errors you are experiencing are more than likely caused by inappropriate stacking of files, to the point where your homebrew channel cannot even define what it has to read...

vishalapr (author)  waterlubber2 years ago
don't know...I found the red/blue thing annoying as well...
OK. I followed the instructions and instead of getting Error 004: Corrupt File, I got a bunch of empty channel thingys and nothing happened. Is nintendo evil?
vishalapr (author)  waterlubber2 years ago
4.3U is US so you should use that version.

Cut the red wire not the blue wire as the blue wire would result in the wrong download....

Hopefully this will solve all your troubles :)
Lala23236 months ago

The last time I did it almost jacked up my Wii. Luckily I fixed. I had it fixed.

xsoft7 months ago

All links are gone :(

MaryP28 months ago

Just want to inform all folks who live outside US that Nintendo Wii is a great media Player. If you want to access Netflix and other streaming stations on your Nintendo Wii you can use UnoTelly as I do to get around the geo block.

rvanam11 months ago

So after I mod and I want to use the USB loader do I have to have the sd card in ?

tate2191 year ago
What about 4.3u
olozano2 years ago
Excellent post!
Thanks for the link, for more info you can visit my blog on wii4everybody Good day!
cybergod2 years ago
waterlubber2 years ago
Linky is baddy!
vishalapr (author)  waterlubber2 years ago
well...I guess...
zeshk3 years ago
hi there any chance u can give us new links? thanks
vishalapr (author)  zeshk3 years ago
I am still searching but there are no new links available yet... :(
Will post themas soon as I find them...sorry...
kelv19693 years ago
the links don't work anymore
vishalapr (author)  kelv19693 years ago
I am sorry about that :( , The links have been deleted due to policy issues or somethng like that....I will post new links as soon as I find them :)
kelv19693 years ago
I've backed up nand etc. while it was working three bad blocks showed up. Is this a problem? Should I back up nand again until no bad blocks are there?
TSC3 years ago
This link Launch Hackmii Installer :
For versions 2.0 - 3.4 (Twilight Hack)
Download I click on it then it goes to the website and they say it was removed or somthing like that! So What now?

vishalapr (author)  TSC3 years ago
Use this website for downloads which are not available...
TSC vishalapr3 years ago
Ok thanks!
grondinm3 years ago
Wii noob here. just got one for the kids. Considering doing this. If i use the guide without gamedisk does the sd card i use have to remain in the Wii?
vishalapr (author)  grondinm3 years ago
Its both yes and a for the homebrew apps and ggames, they can be run only with the SD card in...but for wil games, you do not need an SD card...but first install wiiflow via the SD and the play with USB or backup disks of the games you own :)
jcsantos3 years ago
sorry about noob question but Ijust recently got a wii , does softmodding allows me to play downloaded games from the net?
vishalapr (author)  jcsantos3 years ago
Yes! But you are given this ible to only play backups and hbc games, and its legal...but if u want to play downloaded wii games, this hack will allow u to do that but it is do it at yr own risk...
evgeni433 years ago
how can i change an sdhc card?
vishalapr (author)  evgeni433 years ago
change an sdhc into an sd card? I don't think that is possible...
vshields3 years ago
For letterbomb which one is it red wire or blue? I am so lost I tryed to do it with extract from sd. card and it said files corrupted! Can someone help me plz~!
and how do I write the root? Sd:\windows 7
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