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I had a solar panel laying around along with a charge regulator and a fairly large 12 Volt battery for a home security system... So, I decided that since its all just sitting in my room and I can't tie the Solar panel into my home's breaker box (too expensive), I would build something that I could transport around to give me a charge for anything with a USB or Car Charger. I used it outside, inside, camping and even took it to work.

This is how I did it.... 

Step 1: Gather Tools and Materials

Picture of Gather Tools and Materials
Materials you will need:

1. Briefcase (bought mine from Goodwill for $5.00 and mine was very tough plastic with big metal hinges)
2. Solar panel or a group of cells that will fit nicely on your briefcase
3. 12 Volt solar charge regulator (Amazon.com sells them for around $25.00, you could most likely build one using a capacitor and a diode)
4. 12 Volt battery (I got mine from an unused security system)
5. 1x6 piece of wood long enough to fit in your case
6. Small piece of cloth or some paint to coat your piece of wood
7. Multiple socket car charger (I bought mine at Walmart for $15.00 but now I see they are only $5.00 on Amazon.com)
8. Some extra wire to connect the regulator to your battery (I just trimmed some off of my solar panel)
9. Screws and
10. Bolts with washers and nuts
11. Electrical Tape
12. Zip Tie or Velcro Strap

Tools you will need:

1. Power Drill
2. Glue
3. Screw drivers (phillips and flat  head)
4. Wire strippers
5. Saw (Jig and Table)
Great idea, Have you thought of Putting the Solar panel on the inside of the brief case, on a Hinge. Then the panel is protected from wear and tear, but when you need it open the case, swing out the panel, lock it into place and go to town.

Love the project. Congrats on winning.

eliteMET (author)  Robotic_mage3 years ago
Cool idea as well, and thanks! It would be unfortunate to drop the case on a rock or hit something on the outside.
Dr.Bill3 years ago
Like the I'Ble though. 4 staRS.
Dr.Bill3 years ago
You got to be kidding with that rinkey dink little generator.
zazenergy3 years ago
Awesome job!
eliteMET (author)  zazenergy3 years ago
Thanks for telling me to Step-by-step this one!
HexKrak3 years ago
Would not want to try and take that though airport security! Nice instructable though :)
eliteMET (author)  HexKrak3 years ago
LOL, I know! Even the "Royal Traveller" by itself looks suspicious...
tjesse3 years ago
This is great! I love it, simple and useful. I want one!
eliteMET (author)  tjesse3 years ago
And very portable! Thanks!