Picture of Solar Powered Heart Blinky LED Pendant Jewelry
This instructable is for solar powered heart with a pulsing red LED.  It measures about 2" by 1.25", including the USB tab.  It has one hole through the top of the board, making hanging easy.  Wear it as a necklace, earrings, bond on a pin, or hang it in a window.  The possibilities are up to you, and we'd love to see what you do with them.

The schematic and parts list are included.  You are welcome to wire up your own, copying is the sincerest form of flattery.  We also have the kit available in our Etsy Store.

If you have soldered projects before, this will be easy.  There are only 16 pieces to solder onto the board, and all but one is through hole.  Depending on your soldering savvy it may take anywhere from 30 to 45 min.

So lets begin!

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Step 1: Tools

Here's what you need:

A soldering iron
Diagonal cutters
Needle nose pliers or tweezers

Helping hands are optional, but helpful.

Step 2: Schematic and Parts list

Picture of Schematic and Parts list
Schematic is above.

Parts list is below.

C1 - 47uF ceramic capacitor  (medium blue one)
C3 -0.033uF Timing capacitor (little blue one)
U1 - MCP6042 dual micro-amp op-amp
R7 - 7.5M resistor
R1 and R6 - 330ohm resistor
R2 through R5 – 10M resistor
T1 - 30v schottky 
S2 - 4s aSI 25x10 solar array
C2 - can super cap
D2 -  Blue LED, charge indicator
D3 -  Red LED, Blinky
Switch - SPDT switch 3-pin 0.1 spaced
lumenjewelry (author) 1 year ago
It's over 9000!!!
navarroc1 year ago
Can you cast it in resin with out messing up any electronics?
lumenjewelry (author)  navarroc1 year ago
If you don't mind the switch being stuck in only one position, maybe. All the other electronics are OK being covered in clear epoxy. I'd recommend leaving the USB tab free of resin so you can still charge it.
vovkin1 year ago
Walter H. Schottky is a German physicist, not Russian)
lumenjewelry (author)  vovkin1 year ago
Ah, cool, thanks! Instructables people are so smart. I'll correct that.
bsg681 year ago
P.S I voted for u in contest
I had this exact idea months ago. I'd curse you for having the knowhow to get it done first, but it's really good so I'll congratulate you instead.