Wait, so why are soldering iron holders, helping hands, and solder dispensers not bundled together? I work all over the room/house/town and don't want to have to rummage about, looking for helping hands then solder then a place to put my hot, kinda crappy iron... And the soldering station was born.

Step 1: Hunting and Gathering

I also wanted some mobility and storage--the station I designed has a hinge and latch. My meager electronics gear can then be tucked away and I can high tail it to the next pair of bare wires, wherever they may be.

scrap wood
small hinge
small latch
rod (for solder spool)
metallic ring
extension cord
two small bolts and matching nuts
assorted washers
two coat hangers
two alligator clips

soldering iron
hot glue gun
super glue
coping saw

I made a very rough model of the station's base out of paper and duct tape. It would have been cool to have something shaped like this (trapezoids when viewed from the side and triangular from above) but the angles were too much for my woodworking abilities. I settled on a face angled at 45 degrees with a flat back and sides.

<p>This is a great idea! I made mine but it is rectangular and the soldering iron rests in a coil on the top. I also connected the iron to an electrical outlet inside the box that I can use to switch the soldering iron on and off.</p>
<p>Hey, Thanks for this great idea, i made it too :D</p><p>From A 15 years old boy from Norway! Have A Nice day :D</p>
<p>Very nicely done! Think I might make one myself. </p><p>Did you consider using a length of copper pipe in the inside for the hot part of the iron to rest in? I think that might be a bit easier to do. If sized sufficiently large it would contain enough space around the iron to keep from being heated too much. You could also drill a few ventilation holes through the copper tube to increase air flow.</p>
i have single piece soldering iron so i can save many steps , <br>any how very nice model!!!
Personalized to my needs.
Very different to your model. A bit personalized to my needs.<br>
Instead of the coil, you can attach a soft drink can in the iron holder. It also helps to trap the heat of the iron.
Absolute brilliance...love it. :)
<strong>Thanks...</strong>. This design is what I 'm looking for, compact and have everything at hands. May be for moving around with a handle added. :)
Great idea for a soldering station. thanks for sharing.
Just an idea. Maybe use a hollow brass (or other metal) tube from the &quot;eye&quot; to the support block to help guide the iron.
muy interesante
you could add something like a drawer to put a sponge in it but pad the interior of the drawer with fiberglass or rubber to avoid the wood sucking the water.you could add a nose to the face and from the two nostrils one is for wick and the other for the wire.you may also add adjustable ears and at the end is some LEDs popping out when the lid is opened and a switch beneath the main one and a wall-wart adapter for the leds and two dimmer switches for the LED brightness and temperature control.<br>
Put two draws in side by side and electronic components that you use often use in one and the sponge in the other&hellip;
what do u do if the soldering iron gets to hot and itberns the wood then it brakes would that make a proplom with ur soldering station...???
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what do u mean???????
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whats a proplom?
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A soldering iron is not going to shatter a wood holding station.
You have the same iron as I do!
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Great Job!!!
Nicely done. I might do one if I have time :)
thay have that alreay
A suggestion, add a potentiometer to control heat
your potentiometer will catch on fire :)
if you wire the potentiometer to the Soldering iron, it will catch on fire
odd. I did it once and it didn't even get hot.
are you talking about a light dimmer, or a regular potentiometer?
light dimmer
that's different from a potentiometer, because it has circuitry that switches the power
actually its just higher wattage. Well actually i think you're right, let's go with the circuitry and the switching of power. ( :
If you were to wire a potentiometer to AC voltage, it would literally melt unless it was rated for a few hundred watts. Resistors turn excess energy into heat, whereas a light dimmer uses a small potentiometer to control a simple circuit which varies the duty cycle of the AC coming out the other side.

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