Sour M&M Prank


Introduction: Sour M&M Prank

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This is a great food prank!

It's really easy to!

You will see peoples sour faces after they eat from your bowl of M&M;'s.

Step 1: Step 1: Materials

There are only four things you need for this prank.

1. A bowl

2. A Bag Of M&M;'s

3. A Small Size Package Of Skittles

4. A Room Full Of Victims

Step 2: Step 2: Getting It Together

First, pour all your M&M;'s into your bowl.

Then open your skittles package and pour it into the bowl and mix it all up so you can't tell what is what, unless you look at the letters on the candy....

Step 3: Step 3: Here, Have Some!

Now set out the bowl for everybody to have some M&M;'s!

Have Fun And Please Vote For Me!



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    Clever prank, but what if they eat their M&MS one by one instead of by the fistful. What will you do when instead of an "M" they see an "S"

    ( M ) ( M ) ( M )


    ( s ) ( s ) ( s )


    Obvious enough. Ok?

     3 things.

    1. cant u just dump lemon juice on a bowl o m&ms

    2. the will notice the lack of m and notice the s

    3. becides that, cool


    skittles aren't sour and if you got the sour kind it wouldnt work.

    3 replies

    The whole point is that you are not expecting a skittle in a bowl of M&Ms;! Skittles taste sour compared to M

    i agree..!! 
    did you ever drink water thinking it's soda?? it tastes disgusting.. and its just water..

     my bro chugged a cup o sprite thinking it was water...lawl

     there arnt pink skittles either: if there are either, then tell me

    They're red. it's just the picture.

    ya seriously. I would love a surprise skittle instead of an m

    um....skittles dont taste sour...their sweeter then M & Ms...

    1 reply

    They're sourer than M&Ms.; DUH!

    well theyre fruity, but not sour

    They do sell skittles that are very sour, but they are marked as such on the package. IIRC.

    they sell sour skittles but they are covered in obvious white and have a different texture. A better way to do this would be with alum or vitamin C.

    Alum? The stuff that can glue your mouth shut?

    I have never heard of alum gluing ones mouth shut. How in the world does that work?