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grooooovy5 years ago
Hiya there- love the penguins
Wasagi5 years ago
So, I haven't tagged your Orangeboard for a while, so just dropping by to say, "Nice Avatar!"
sharlston7 years ago
will you join my slingshot group please
wilcurt (author)  sharlston7 years ago
Matt214977 years ago
Subscribed. Duct tape Rocks!
sharlston7 years ago
youre cool
Wasagi7 years ago
I like your stratagy, throw everything at the wall and see what sticks, especially because you did this to every contest, quite a feat!! Good Luck!
OMG, the April fools prank where you replace jelly beans, with those nasty tasting ones, well i actually used that! omg let me tell you, their always is a little bowl of jelly beans in the teachers lounge, i would know this because i have a job where i run arends in and out of their, anyway, i replaced ALL OF THEM and i waited (all the while know i would get a tardy, but it was worth it). then the fat teacher came up and took a HANDFUL and popped them into her mouth and chewed. from then on the lol's flew! she spit them all back into the bowl, expecting no one to notice, but everyone saw it, and she stalked away EMBARRASSED, no one know who did it, tehe!