A couple of years ago my brother bought a beautiful slab of jarrah from a local wood mill. Jarrah is a native timber to Western Australia, is very hard and has a deep red colour. He asked for my help in constructing a bar for his entertainment room to complement his jarrah pool-table. We decided to keep the bar fairly simple in its construction but with the added effect of plasma cut mild steel panels.

Step 1: Creating the Bar Frame

We used a combination of simple jointing techniques, such as Mortise and Tenon and Housing joints. These were cut with a table saw, although you could achieve the same thing with a router. The space where the bar was to go was fairly tight so we kept the width of the frame to a minimum. Much of the wood we used was salvaged so our design was limited to the sizes we had available.
<p>This is absolutely the best! I love it...saved in favorites.</p>
Cool! A possible improvement is to back the steel plates with frosted plexi glass, and edge light them with your existing LEDs. That way the fearsome invaders would be clearer, and you wouldn't have as much light spilling out behind the bar.
You are my hero. I wish I could do something like this one day. You definitely have access to some amazing equipment :)
WOW ! Gotta make one of these one day. Love it !
You got my vote, GREAT job! Wish i had one for my mini bar, A+!

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