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In this Instructable I will describe how to make a spice mister.
A spice mister is a very useful device for adding an evenly distributed burst of heat to your food. The fine mist that comes from this device will coat all parts of the food dish with an equal amount of flavor, unlike most hot sauce bottles, which apply the sauce in large messy drops, and you can use the pure stuff - capsaicin extract.

Step 1: Materials

The materials for this project are very simple and easy to find.

1. Plastic spray bottle - This can be any type of spray bottle. The one I used for this project was a little over four inches tall and one and a half inches wide. It has an attached cap which is very convenient, as it helps me from accidentally macing my friends or myself when whipping it out.

2. The spice - Many different things can be used for the spice. The simplest thing to do would be just to fill the bottle up with your favorite hot sauce. You can use store bought hot sauce, or make your own using one of these recipes. If you are more interested in pure heat than flavor, you can make capsaicin extract as shown here or buy the commercial version on eBay (make sure to use a public computer to create a dummy eBay account, and pay for your product with a prepaid credit card which can be bought at most convenience stores. As always, never use your real address for shipment, instead have it shipped to a PO Box which has no verifiable information traceable to you. These precautions will make it harder for Big Brother to track you). Water down the extract until you find the intensity that best matches your tastes.

Extra: It is a good idea to put some sort of identifying label on the bottle, so no one accidentally uses it as breath spray. For my warning I decided to use an image of a red chili. It is simple and straightforward, and the lack of words means that it can be understood by anyone from a non-English speaking country (Useful if you have to flee your home country to a nation with non-extradition policies)

Step 2: Building & Usage

Putting the spice mister together is not hard. Simply remove the pump, fill with your choice of hot sauce, and put the pump back in.

To add a quick burst of intense flavor to your food, hold the mister a few inches above the dish and spray. Repeat until desirable heat is reached.

Keep it away from your face, and never spray at anyone else - capsaicin in the eyes hurts like hell. Pepper spray is nasty, evil stuff and should never, ever be used on anything except food.



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    Ange will love it ;)

    in the book you say u use sys how do u set up firefox portable to do that email me if u can tellme how Kidbossbenz@aol.com

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    well its pretty cool that you just publicly posted your email address man.

    Great project, very well written.

    There is only one thing that I can not understand. You say that "Pepper spray is nasty, evil stuff and should never, ever be used on anything except food."

    -First off, pepper spray is much much more potent than what you suggest making here, and real pepper spray is what should never be used on food.

    -Secondly, are you really suggesting that pepper spray should never be used on anyone, even in self-defense? I can not agree with you on that.

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    http://craphound.com/littlebrother/download/ Download it, and read the part on gassing the crowds, the voice God of shouting "Disperse immediately!!!", and Ange's Hot Sauce spray. Other than that, your right. PERSONAL SELF DEFENSE is acceptable. This w1n5t0n is A bit like the xnetters marcus got the stuff from, and checked his email with.

    Having been sprayed...and for much longer than the prescribed "1 second burst" as taught by law enforcement acadamia, (imagine being hit with a turbo-jalapeño cream pie in the tradition of Bozo), half a can, (i have pictures of it somewhere too) I will say, curcumstance depending, I think I'd just as well be shot, or shoot someone, as put them through the hours of unmitigated hell that can be induced by pepper spray/foam. Just my personal not so humble opinion. Then again, I hope never again to be in a situation where it's warranted/necessary. Once a lifetime is enough, 2 would be 42 too many.

    what about the hours of unmitigated hell your going to have to face to fix your slashed tires?

    yah.i was sprayed for like five seconds(it dosnt sound like much,but belive me,it HURTS,i aint kiddin.)

    Lets say you lived in Florida.
    You see some little punks slashing your tires and run up to them. You are greeted with a Mace facial.
    The little barstool gets off on 'Self defence'.

    SELF DEFENCE IS 9/10 TIME PRE-EMPTIVE STRIKE!! Pepper spray is good purely for torture

    If you use pure capsaicin (liquid form) then this spray will be much more potent than pepper spray. Pepper Spray is 'Oleoresin Capsaicin' (The same thing as capsaicin we eat) in anywhere from 2-10% of OC to other ingredients. Meaning, out of 10 ounces, only .2oz to 1oz of the pepper spray is capsaicin. Whereas with pure capsaicin it is 100% strength. You will die if you breath this in. You will go blind if you get it in your eyes. It will burn your skin. It is a hazardous chemical to have, and it is ILLEGAL to use on anybody as a weapon or in self defense. I'm not saying don't enjoy spicy foods--I'm just letting you know the hazards of doing so. :P

    For reference on the Scoville Heat Scale:

    Normal Tabasco sauce = 2500-5000 points
    Habernero Tabasco sauce = 7000-8000 points
    Police-Issue OC self-defense spray = 4,500,000-6,000,000 points
    Pure capsiacin = 15,000,000–16,000,000 points

    I agree, do not use pure capsaicin for self-defense, or you could be charged with using excessive force. It won't burn your skin, but it may semi-permanently make skin numb due to damaged pain receptors.

    More reading:
    Scoville Scale


    It might also be a good idea to NOT DO THIS! You might accidentally inhale some... ow.


    "These precautions will make it harder for Big Brother to track you" "Useful if you have to flee your home country to a nation with non-extradition policies" erm...?

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    Would a (empty and clean) glasses cleaner spray bottle thingy work? Its about the right size.


    How would this work? Capsaicin only dissolves in alcohol, not water. Are you mixing it with moonshine?

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    It dissolves in fat, too. That's why yoghurt stops spice.

    Most commercially available hot-sauces are thicker than water and they have sediment. This would make them unsuitable for this type of sprayer. It might work for the first few uses but it would eventually clog rendering your applicator useless. You MIGHT be able to avoid this by straining the hot-sauce through a sieve or perhaps through some cheese cloth but I don't think either would be perfect. good idea though.

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    Actually, this gives me an idea... You could probably thin down the sauce with water, and then do "gelatin filtration" on it to get the essence of the hot sauce. It'd probably be diluted, but that's the price you pay for using food for what's obviously intended to be a non-food application.

    Here's the info about gelatin filtration.