Spicy Meatloaf





Introduction: Spicy Meatloaf

This savory meatloaf recipe was based on a recipe from the Parsi cookbook, though I've modified it a bit to my tastes.


Meat Loaf
2.5 pounds ground turkey (or any other reasonably lean meat)
2 purple onions, chopped finely
large chunk fresh ginger, grated
handful garlic, grated or finely chopped (I like LOTS.)
4 seranno chiles, minced
1 bunch fresh cilantro, minced
3 large eggs
~1/3 lb grated sweet potato (or white potato)

1T oil
2T pomegranate concentrate (aka pomegranate molasses)

- Preheat oven to 350F
- Wash and chop all of your ingredients.
- Squish the meat loaf ingredients together in a bowl. Hands work much better than any tools for this job. Drop the mixture into a baking pan, and shape into a nice loaf.
- Combine oil and pomegranate, then brush onto top of meatloaf.
- Bake around 45 minutes, or until the meatloaf is cooked through. (Check with a knife as time approaches, and modify as necessary for your oven.)

This is a nice, vegetal version of meatloaf, and I loved the pomegranate topping. It went really well with a fruity green salad. There was a bit of unsightly proteinaceous goop around the edges, but it tasted good. Adding a bit more starch would likely keep it from bleeding out, but I didn't want to use bread crumbs or white potatoes. Just stir together and pour it over the slices when you serve.



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    Thank you! I plan on doing another version.


    my dad loves meatloaf, ill have to show him this!

    looks good but i dont like spicy stuff

    Amazing. If you pull the bits of gelatinous stuff off of the sides, I'll bet you could make an amazing gravy out of the bottom of that pan. 5/5.

    As a lover of all things meatloaf I will try this recipe as soon as I can gather all of the ingredients. Sounds great!

    Looks tasty! If you ever come to madison drop by and have some local delicacies. (Cheese curds)

    Mmmm, cheese curds. Squeaky!

    Whooo.... That looks good. My meatloaf is a lot more basic than that. I've never seen pomegranite molasses before (in the UK), but there again I've never looked. Just for information, in some parts of the world the cilantro is called coriander.

    Mmmm. Guess what we had for dinner tonight! I couldn't find the concentrated pomegranite so I used a concentrated plum marinade. It glazed the top nicely and tasted great. This one has been added to the list of 'Things the Kids Like to Eat'.

    This one has been added to the list of 'Things the Kids Like to Eat'.

    Wow, that's high praise! I'm glad they liked it.