This is not hard to do. You can see my stages of learning below. By #4 dog I am professional.

You need:
dogs of your choosing
fave dog slicin' knife
long drill bit, (or round skewer if you have things like that)

Carefully push drill directly down the center of the hot dog.
Keep the knife at the same angle as you slice thru to the drill bit, and roll the hot dog away from you as you continue down the length of the dog. (pics 1 & 2) May or may not take you a couple trys to get method of nice tight coil.

See that I boil the dogs! (pic 3) Microwaving does not produce satisfactory results, IMHO. Slide the dog off the bit and into the water. Kinda tricky to fish 'em out, I used a spatula. Straining would be clever, if you have a colander.
Now ANY hot dog is a bun-length hot dog!
<p>Another way to work amazing Hot Dog Twists</p><p>https://youtu.be/bOZadiTzplE</p>
<p>SPIRAL CUT Hot Dogs are all over the internet. The true taste test is this: <br>Take 2 identical hot dogs. Spiral cut ONE and leave the other &quot;normal&quot;. Cook them the same way, the same amount of time. No condiments. The taste improvement is unquestionable. We've been using the Curl A Dog product to spiralize hot dogs in about 3 seconds, literally. Our grandkids stand in line to use it.</p>
OK...really really stupid question. Do you turn the drill on? They are so cool looking I want to try. Thanks for posting
Just for the record I don't think you do. Am I right? I was wondering if a bamboo skewer might work, but it might be too skinny
Golly, I'm a bit late replying to this, whoops! No drill, just the bit. I just pushed it thru. A bamboo skewer works great, but I didn't have any of those at the time. I do now. Did you try it? How did it go?
I am so mixed up (please forgive me) I know nothing about drills. Was the bit the same length as the hot dog? I think people must be wondering why I don't know, and why I am asking what must seem to be stupid questions, but I did not grow up around people who used tools so I really have no clue <br>
<p>Anyone who pollutes burgers or hotdogs with ketchup deserves repeated pokes with a live cattle prod to straighten them out.</p>
<p>If I want to put ketchup on my hot dog, I'm going to put ketchup on my hot dog! No matter what anybody says! I think you pollute it with mustard and all that other &quot;stuff&quot;. </p>
<p>Let me go fetch the cattle prod and check to make sure the batteries are fresh.</p>
Nice! If you use a wooden drill you can cook without pushin the dogs out!
That's cool! You can get ketchup in all the spirals and get ketchup in every bite!
If you were from Chicago, you'd know that it's a sacrelige to put the &quot;k&quot; word on a hot dog. MUSTARD is the way to go - with onions, pickle, etc.
It's not just in Chicago. EVERYONE knows that it's<br><br>Mustard for hot dogs<br><br>Catsup/ketchup for hamburgers<br><br>Mayonnaise/Miracle Whip for sandwiches <br><br>;-)<br><br><br>
Actually, It's MUSTARD for Hotdogs and Hamburgers, and Ketchup on French Fries.
Ah, finally, someone else has good taste and understands the true gastronomic delights of the proper use of condiments! Add a few onions and pickles for heaven on a bun!
&quot;I like mine with lettuce &amp; tomatoes, Heinz 57, &amp; French fried potatoes&quot;
Thank You!
Actually, it's catsup, &amp; mustard on hotdogs, mayonnaise &amp; worchestershire sauce on hamburgers, &amp; vinegar on French fries ;P
I gotta argue. It's taco meat and cheese for fries!
Au contraire..... <br>The french fries are the condiment for the taco meat and cheese......<br><br>and Guacamole!
My baby brother has to have his fries with gravy and cheese curds... Hereabouts in Canada, that's called Poutine... You can get any variation on that any where here.... New York Fires sells a version that comprises Fries, Chili and sour cream... Talk about calories, carbs and FATS!
it's odd that nobody here in the US (at least that I know of) knows about that. I would think that someone would've mentioned by now that on their trip to canada they found everyone eating fries with gravy and cheese curds.<br><br>also, it sounds delicious.
It is.. By the way, I am from Canada... Chili, and sour cream on fries is popular here, too...
chili and sour cream is normal here, too. but probably my favorite is when they put bacon, cheese, and ranch on them. but I don't eat those very often. (mainly because if I did I'd have several heart attacks and then probably keel over from deliciousness.)
It all tastes good until the lbs start showing themselves, lol!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm just not ready to go cold turkey. I'll try to quit the stuff, but I just don't know if I can!
A true Chicago Dog needs: celery salt, diced cucumber, tomatoes, and then onions if you want -- or sub pickle relish for the fresh cukes if you have no choice.
It's a good thing I'm from Minnesota in the middle of nowhere where I could put as much ketchup on as I wanted with no one knowing ;)
true that , im in MN also and we &lt;3 ketchup .
Amen! Ketchup all the way. I'm one of those people who has hamburgers with extra ketchup, and dips the burger bun IN ketchup for that extra oomph. I'm wondering if I could slice it on the barbecue fork and have spiral dogs while CAMPING.....roasted over an open fire....while the buns toast on a foil covered rock...and the ketchup chills in the lake....Mmmmm, too bad it's November, and just above freezing here, cause I want bonfire hot dogs! :)
do you use catsup then?
Yes, we are living in exciting times!
Wowzers! I am going to try this. Thanks :0)
Purchase a package of dogs and spiral them, leave the spiral dog on the wood skewer (or put it on one).<br>space the spirals about 1/4 to 3/8 apart. <br>Mix warn cream cheese, crisp or real bacon bits fine grind, fine shred sharp cheddar cheese, very fine chopped and towel dried Jalapenos. needs to be very soft.<br>Grab your beef jerky gun with the small tube attachment, fill the spirals and wrap/roll in wax paper and chill. I squeeze the cheese mix to fill in the air pockets.<br>Prepare your favorite corm meal batter mix mix, for corn dog consistency<br>Dip your corn dogs and deep fry them!<br><br>Enjoy<br>
you are an evil person :) now i must try this to know what it tastes like
Tha sounds so wrong!!! I'M DROOLING!!! <br>
:) Hi! Thanks!
This sounds like an amazing twist :) We're going camping so I am going to make these ahead of time (today) <br><br>I am following the recipe except using buttermilk pancake batter for the outside and pepper jack cheese to wrap around the outside of the dog.<br><br>Very much appreciated!
Thanks this just made my New Year's Eve Hotdogs extra special!
You betcha!
mmmmm my dog loves hot dogs send me some
I made a jig for making these a long time ago, I took a piece of pvc, slightly bigger then my hotdog, cut a slot in it on a diagonal about half way through, put the knife blade in the slot, (I used a new utility knife blade) then just screwed the hotdog through the tube, perfect spirals every time. The pvc only has to be about an inch and a half long.
@TheGreat58, you are the geekiest cook I have ever seen, and I hope your family appreciates you! <br><br>What did you use to cut the slot in the PVC? And at how much of an angle, 45 degrees or what?
I used a razor saw but a hacksaw or hand saw or dremel will work, the angle isn't all that important, 20-30 degrees would probably be ok, I just kinda eyeballed it and cut it at an angle I thought might work.
You should do an instructable on this. It sounds cool and convenient.

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