Picture of Stackable Bangles

Make these stackable bangles with supplies I'll bet you already have. I used zip ties for the base so that you can make them to fit every hand and wrist.

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Step 1: Watch the video tutorial

Step 2: You'll need

Picture of You'll need



Large zip ties

Assorted beads

Transparent tape

Thin gage wire (I like 18 gage)

1/2 strips of scrap fabric

Wire cutters (or needle nose pliers that can cut wire)

Step 3:

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Figure out how big you need to make your bangle

Add 1" to the measurement and then tape it together to create your bangle Cut fabric in 1/2" strips.

I like to cut mine on the bias

Wrap them around the zip tie bangle

Step 4:

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Tie a knot at the end or hot glue the end when you're done wrapping

Cut off about 14" of wire

Wrap it around the bangle about 3 times

Add a bead to the wire and secure the bead in place with more wrapping

Step 5:

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Continue wrapping and adding beads all the way around the bangle

Add more wire if you need to

danibees10 months ago
5 of 100 complete! Thanks again!
danibees10 months ago
Can't wait to make some! I have large hands and most standard bangles don't fit me. Thank you!!
Mark Montano (author)  danibees10 months ago

You are the reason I racked my brain for bangle alternative! I'm so glad you can make your own now AND that they will fit you perfectly.

And one question: curious as to why you tape the ends of the zip tie together rather than just putting it together through the hole at the one end.
Mark Montano (author)  danibees10 months ago

So that they're circular. If you put the end through the hole, they will be shaped like a teardrop and not a circle.

Makes sense! Thanks!
I've decided to make as many of these as possible for wedding party favors!! Will post pics when I have some made up. :)
Passion Make10 months ago

They look awesome!

Mark Montano (author)  Passion Make10 months ago

Thanks so much Passion! I made some in black with little turquoise beads for me to wear. I love them.

nottybutnicey10 months ago
i already nade one for myself before..i like the idea of using a stackable plastic
PaganRaven10 months ago

Oooo! I'm loving this! And as BigRed said, it's going a mile a minute in my mind of all the materials, beads/items I can use to make some. I'm pretty fond of earthy tones with a splash here and there of something vibrant. It's for certain..I know what I'll be doing in the next day or two! Thank you, Mark!

Mark Montano (author)  PaganRaven10 months ago

I made some for myself with black cotton and small turquoise beads.....Love em!

Abigail0210 months ago
Love it!! Got all the supplies, what am I waiting for!
Mark Montano (author)  Abigail0210 months ago

I have no idea! :)

BigRed197310 months ago

P.S. Your model is lovely!!

Mark Montano (author)  BigRed197310 months ago

Hey BigRed, Danielle is my assistant and she is a terrific sport!

BigRed197310 months ago

Your genius moment is proving to be very inspiring!!! I'm running through my brain all the leftovers I have, and how I can use them for this project. Love the mixture of materials, shapes and textures.......Keep inspiring!

I love these! And I love that they aren't made out of anything complicated or fancy, just zip ties!

I got some galvanized wire at the dollar store which worked perfectly, too. Cheap and easy!

doodlecraft10 months ago

I love it! What a great way to use up scrap material and lonely little beads! :)

Mark Montano (author)  doodlecraft10 months ago

I always feel bad for the little extra beads.......

Love these! I can't beleive those are zip ties :)

Mark Montano (author)  Penolopy Bulnick10 months ago

It was me genius moment from last year! Could be the last one I'll ever have! :)