Standing And Treadmill Desk DIY

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I began experimenting with a standing or treadmill desk last summer and have finally gotten around to making the full conversion. Here's how I did it, if I can you can do it too.
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Step 1: Procure Treadmill And Desk

Picture of Procure Treadmill And Desk
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I found the treadmill cheap on Craigslist. It's not important what kind of treadmill you choose but it makes your life easier if the hand rails are simply bolted on. I found the desk locally. I got lucky and found an adjustable desk for only $50 locally.

Step 2: Treadmill Modifications

Picture of Treadmill Modifications
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I wanted the treadmill to not stick out, but I also did not want to put too many hours into the process. 1. Remove all unnecessary parts. I removed the hand rails, the incline motor and the hinged incline wheels. I added some black painted 2x4's to make the treadmill level (you would not have to do this but my incline motor would not stay level). 2. Modify the control panel - there was a lot of unnecessary plastic on the control panel so I took that apart and using a hack saw cut the board to a smaller size. I did have to move some of the boards around to accommodate. I don't like the look and eventually will make a new control panel, but this works fine for now. I simply used a zip tie to keep the emergency key engaged - hope I don't fall while walking! That is all I did to the treadmill other than giving it a good cleaning and adjusting the belt tensioner.

Step 3: Desk Modifications

Picture of Desk Modifications
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The desk I got adjusted from 34" to 44". To be comfortable typing on the treadmill I needed a few more inches. 1. Removed the top of the desk 2. Placed a 4x4 in between desk base and top. Screwed the base into the 4x4's and used a few L-brackets to fasten the tabletop to the 4x4's 3. Painted the 4x4's black so they blend in to the frame - does not look bad at all.
Vancer11115 months ago

Great luck getting an adjustable desk for $50 anywhere. You struck gold mate.

davidglinski11 months ago
Where did you get that desk for $50 ???
cessenburg (author) 1 year ago
Yeah I am planning on raising the monitor with a clamp mount which will give me correct monitor height and give me more desk space.
Love it! I'm doing a study right now on insulin resistance and standing desks, incorporating the treadmill is an interesting twist.
HollyMann1 year ago
Great way to be healthy and get your work done! I had a setup like this before but was too lazy to use it! Then went to the extreme and began doing P90x - so at least I got my fitness in!
xpozitron1 year ago
It looks like you still need to move the monitor higher. Maybe something like this will help.

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