Picture of Star Wars Boba Fett Lamp
Thank you for looking..
This is a very easy instructable. You will need a few things to get started.
  1. Any style lamp you want or one you have around the house. I took this one from my Mother-in-law :)
  2. Boba Fett Helmet
  3. RGB Remote LED light bulb from newegg.com or a florescent bulb ONLY !!!!
  4. Drill and 3/8 bit

Step 1: The Boba Fett Helmet

Picture of The Boba Fett Helmet
You will need to get a Boba Fett Helmet or any Star Wars Helmet you may have.
I recommend that you get the toy helmet from this link ebay
Then remove the inside of the helmet  all the straps and padding.
that helmet is a collectors item if its the really old one that came out long time ago
zarnaldo2 years ago
Nice Lamp and probably the winner ! \o/
ravenking2 years ago
Cool! I want one! :)