Picture of Star Wars Boba Fett Lamp
Thank you for looking..
This is a very easy instructable. You will need a few things to get started.
  1. Any style lamp you want or one you have around the house. I took this one from my Mother-in-law :)
  2. Boba Fett Helmet
  3. RGB Remote LED light bulb from or a florescent bulb ONLY !!!!
  4. Drill and 3/8 bit
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Step 1: The Boba Fett Helmet

Picture of The Boba Fett Helmet
You will need to get a Boba Fett Helmet or any Star Wars Helmet you may have.
I recommend that you get the toy helmet from this link ebay
Then remove the inside of the helmet  all the straps and padding.

Step 2: The Lamp

Picture of The Lamp
Try to use the older style lamp with metal screw to hold the lamp shade down.
Unscrew the top retaining bolt on the top of the lamp.
Remove the old lamp shade and re-tighten that old lamp up if you have to.

Step 3: Find a balance point

Picture of Find a balance point
You will need to find the center point of the helmet before you drill.
I placed the helmet on the lamps threaded bolt and found its most balanced point and marked it with a pen.

Step 4: Drill The hole

Picture of Drill The hole
Now you have a center mark on the helmet. Drill your center point with 3/8 drill bit or whatever size your lamps threaded rod is.

Step 5: Fitting the helmet on the lamp

Picture of Fitting the helmet on the lamp
You are almost done just place the helmet on the lamps threaded bolt and screw it tight.
This makes a great desk lamp or in a kids room.
that helmet is a collectors item if its the really old one that came out long time ago
zarnaldo2 years ago
Nice Lamp and probably the winner ! \o/
ravenking2 years ago
Cool! I want one! :)