Starwars Boba Fett Blaster Halloween Costume

This is how i built my Boba Fett Starwars Blaster for my Halloween costume. I wish i had better documented building process but, it was not to hard.
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Step 1: The Blaster

I used a Rebel Alliance Nerf Blaster i bought at wal-mart for $20 bucks. It was blue and orange. I took out all the screws holding it together and tore out all the guts and the barrel. Then I drilled holes just large enough for led lites to be passed through the holes. The leds came from a necklace a found at the local party supply store for $3. Note: the pet laser attached to the blaster.

Step 2: Making the stock

The stock is made from wood. I found a section of 3/4 inch dowel left over from another project for the stock and a scrap piece of 2x4 is the butt plate cut to shape using a skilsaw. Bored out a hole in the 2x4 butt plate with a drill for the dowel to be inserted and held in place with hot glue. The dowel then goes into the back plate of the blaster. I had to bore a hole here also using a cone shape metal grinder used in metalworking made just for drills. You can find them at lowes hardware. The dowel is then hot glued in place and i also tapped a screw through the blaster into the dowel inside...

Step 4: Attaching the sling

I used a ak-47 sling for the blaster. The attachment bars are picture frame mounting hardware left over from building the knee armor. I used a drill to bore out a hole in the plastic blaster then tapped in screws and attached the sling.
geekynerd5 years ago
Isn't that his grenade launcher?
no its actually a stormtrooper/clonetrooper rifle.
stormy rifle is shorter and more rectangular and the clone trifle is far longer and looks more sophisticated technologically. this looks like your average blaster that you'd find for sale from any weapon store on nar shadaa or Taris.
a few improvements you should build shinguard's and big boots, his trousers where Grey with pockets below the knees and one boot had spikes on the toecap.other than that i could probably mistake you for a mandalorian
gar-gar4 years ago
that is so awsome. I wish i had that gun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)
bounty10125 years ago
awesome work.
608295 years ago
Dude, you have WAY too much time on your hands. That is so kool!
sift745 years ago
How do you take apart the blaster, I unscrewed all the screws but it wont come apart.
logic bomb (author)  sift745 years ago
Use a large flat head screwdriver and gently force the 2 sides apart.
daltonjcw5 years ago
Well done. You can get the laser at the 99 cent store.
Kaiven5 years ago
hehehe.. I bet I could make one from cardboard, just like my other guns...
diablo_035 years ago
yo wassup , how mutch did the blaster cost?
logic bomb (author)  diablo_035 years ago
mg0930mg5 years ago
Pretty cool. I like the 4th image.