Picture of Statue of Liberty Torch Tap Handles
In celebration of the 25th anniversary of New York City Homebrewers Guild, area homebrew clubs were asked to supply beer and booths for a celebration at Brooklyn Brewery. Being an industrious and creative crowd, you can't ask a homebrewer something like this and expect them to arrive without imaginative brews and equally imaginative ways to pour them.

Aside from supplying 5 gallons of tasty beverage, my responsibility as a member of the Jersey City Brew Club was to create tap handles for our jockey box (my other option was to walk around the event dressed as Lady Liberty... I think I chose wisely). Since Jersey City is home to Liberty State Park, at the doorstep of the Statue of Liberty, Lady Liberty's torch was a natural pick for our tap handle design.

Step 1: Supplies & Tools

Picture of Supplies & Tools
Supplies you'll need for this project:
  • Spray foam (any polyurethane-based foam from the hardware store will do)
  • Cardboard, corrugated cardboard or any other rigid substrate
  • Chair leg (check molding department of the hardware store)
  • Screen gutter guard
  • Nut (to fit the thread of the chair leg bolt)
  • Washer (to fit the chair leg bolt and nut above)
  • Threaded brass insert (see furniture hardware or nuts/bolts section)
    • Usually 1/2” wide, female threads must be 3/8”-16 UNC
  • Paint (spray paint or brush-on acrylic)
  • Masking tape
  • Mod Podge (not pictured, optional)
  • White or wood glue (not pictured, optional)
  • Strips of paper (not pictured, optional)

Tools you'll need for this project (not pictured):
  • Scissors
  • Razor knife
  • Wire cutters or heavy duty shears
  • Drill or drill press
  • Varying sizes of drill bits up to 1/2"
  • Flat screw driver
  • Paint brush (if using brush-on acrylic paint)
  • Pliers
  • Small hacksaw or hobby saw

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