Picture of Stealth Iron Man with Electronics and Servos
This outlines everything I did to create my first Iron Man suit with a mechanized helmet.  I have always loved the look and concept of Tony Stark's Stealth armor.  This was the first serious costume I ever made and it was a lot of learning through the entire process.  Start to finish took me about 8 months during my free time.  I'll caveat that all these techniques or methods are by no means my own and I have learned from many great people out there.  I am simply documenting the methods I used from all the wonderful resources out there on there net.

Here's my facebook page and my cosplay blog with more WIP pictures:

Here is also a grainy video of moving around in the armor.

And my friend and I running aroudn in Iron Man suits during Halloween 2012

Photos courtesy of:
1 - David Lee, Popular Mechanics
2 - Caitlin Holland
3 - Aaron Berkovich Photography
4 - Aaron Berkovich Photography

Step 1: Form Paper Base

Picture of Form Paper Base
1 - cutter.JPG
1 - pep cut.JPG
1 - complete pep.jpg

Materials I used for this stage:
-110lbs cardstock
-Graphtec / Silhouette SD Craft Cutter (formerly CraftROBO)
-Printer that can accommodate 110lbs cardstock
-Low temp hot glue gun + glue sticks
-Pepakura Designer
-Pepakura Viewer for Craftrobo

1) Find 3D model of the file you want to build.  Google does wonders.  The model I used for my Stealth Mk VI was made by robo3687.  These 3D models will serve as a rough geometric base of what you are trying to build
2) Download required software to open and print your paper model.  Software will show you how to glue pieces together to form the base shape of your model.
3) Cut 3D model pieces with Craftrobo
4) Use Pepakura viewer to assist you in glue required tabs together
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DawnR23 months ago
Yeah how much would all this cost
Aslitis4 months ago

what scale did you use? I'm scared that my suit could be too big in the end

whipey3456 months ago

do have to use rage gold or can you use another body filler

whipey3456 months ago

how much did it cost you

RobertC78 months ago


I was able to make the first Cut out model however its too big, can you teach me how to re scale the size? I already have all the PDO files from head to foot of the armour, I just like to make an armour fit me. I am 5 11" height also the foot dimension too. please email me at chua111181@gmail.com.

whisper0248 months ago
Here's an older ad
14, 12:25 AM.jpg14, 12:25 AM.jpg14, 12:25 AM.jpg14, 12:25 AM.jpg
whisper0248 months ago
Did you know theres a guy in NJ posting he made your Iron Man & scamming ppl?
mizunohadouken (author)  whisper0248 months ago
Oh wow, no I didn't. Do you have a link you can send me?
kfung8 months ago

wow.. awesome.. i unable to finish this project of mine.
Wish i found this earlier.


cool as bro I just want to know how you see

TheTeo1 year ago
How did you make the hands so detailed

what reed switch did you use?

pwert871 year ago
Did you do anything with the inside of the helmet or did you leave the fiberglass exposed?
Great instructions!
Although, how do you open the file is the problem. Would you mind putting a zip with the pep files?
xarlock6671 year ago
That is the most bitchin thing I have ever seen!!! I want one! Love the helmet's servo too! How much is it?
tokidro1 year ago
what was total cost and time of this project
Now... Where's that favorite button
seb20331 year ago
how much would you say it cost to make. I'm thinking of making a iron man suit or a batman suit.
Congratulation! Very nice suit! I was just wondering where did you place the button to open and close the facemask? Can`t find something trough the the various steps even in the videos...How does it work?
Where could I get a copy of the paper base?
Just a small question, did you take Robo's MarkVI suit and just make it black? I've been looking at trying to make the MarkVI suit and this just blew my mind. I only ask because I have the Pepakura files for the MarkVI and I really don't feel like downloading all of those files again.
Aoshido1 year ago
Words are beyond me man, really really nice job.
Looks amazing, as soon as i can i'll try to replicate it, and i'll swarm you with questions hahaha.
Once again my congratulations it looks awesome!
geeezer1 year ago
Respect! My mind is still boggling at the learning curves alone involved with a project like this... And the results are worth it ;)
Hey I plan on making this and I was just wondering what are the conditions while wearing it like is it hot heavy awkward to wear

rmckenzie2 years ago
Looks great! Are you able to sit down in it? I can't imagine going to a con, walking all over, standing in lines and not being able to sit for a minute.
What paint did u use to make the suit?
jackvbro2 years ago
very awesome dude but can u see through the eyes holes in the helmet or is it a light in the way?
mizunohadouken (author)  jackvbro2 years ago
I can see =P
StocktonV2 years ago
The guys in the prop department where I work are going to love this, I know what we're doing for the next 8 months
big pappy2 years ago
is the program that you used like solidworks??
love it btw cant wait to make my own!!!!
Rob_2832 years ago
Is It hard to make one in another size? I mean, i'm quite small, will i be able to make one in my size?
Leg0072 years ago
I was wondering, how much cardstock is needed and what size sheet?
Laia_bee2 years ago
Hi! I´m really loving this tutorial. Since i actually speak spanish, would you be so kind explaining to me what steps 10 an 13 are? what do you mean by dust coat? Thank youuu ♥
great job - nice detail on the project
Josh Jay2 years ago
CONGRATULATIONS! Great work man!
mizunohadouken (author)  Josh Jay2 years ago
poofrabbit2 years ago
Congratulations on being a finalist in the Halloween contest!!! Can’t wait to see if you win! Good luck!
mizunohadouken (author)  poofrabbit2 years ago
Oh wow, thanks! I didn't even know until I saw your comment =P
McNopants132 years ago
Excellent suit my man, beautiful execution and i love the colour choice. i love using the Pepakura stuff its such a convenient way to make almost anything. hope to see more stuff from you in the future. all the best
redsunmtm2 years ago
good job !
i was wondering: did Disney contact you for the right (just killing...)
may be for that reason you did it blue instead red ?
again good job, clean, and cool helmet !
(from a french user., well, ...reader)
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