Well this is my first attempt at trying to steampunk anything and i got the idea from robbtoberfest.  I tried to make it unique.

P.s. The paint will get sticky to prevent this buy water proofer (from a shoe store) and apply two layers and PRESTO! no more sticky glue :D
I have a bad right hand and can only move my little finger this would be great if someone could show me how to make a finger pick to pick my guitar with, Ive tried but cant keep it on my finger when playing the blues "help" thomasready@msn.com thanks in advance.
Well what I used when I did this was I cut out the handle of a milk carton and then with scissors made the point. Now since you don't want the sharp edges being to rough on your fingers or on your string i would heat it up a little (the edges) to make the edges less sharp. I'm not sure how this would double as a finger pick although it did work when I tried it on my bass guitar but bass guitar strings are thicker.
Thanks rib96 how did you clamp on with that screw thing that sure would help it stay on,,,Thom
The screw is actually there just for decor but what I suggest you can do is that you can hot glue some felt inside so it fits more snug. When I still had it (Before I lost it) I would have tissue so it fit more snug but i think hot glueing some felt would really feel less awkward.
What's the point of glue if it's not sticky? If you meant making the paint not sticky, that's one thing, but non-stick glue is just pointless.

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Bio: Im just getting started on instructables and want to learn how to prgram in C++ and also make steampunk creations of my own.
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