This is a project I've been working on for a few weeks now. I basically wanted a cool hand gun. I didn't fancy any replica movie props, and the law makes it hard to buy normal replica guns. so i made my own.

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Thanks to Gothic-Valentine, an instructables member whom wanted to recreate my plasma rifle, and encouraged/helped me with this one. And also to all the commenter on my time machine.

The aims of the project were to create something with a mechanical action, a good amount of heft(weight) and also a nice finish, that looks like a movie prop.

I will try my best to instruct, but its a complicated one this, with a bit of rocky road to get to the final thing.

Materials needed

- 1 x 180 degree door hinge
- A couple of long metal brackets
- Dense cardboard/thick mount card
- Normal thickness mount card
- Lots of pva
- lots of super glue
- some scraps of leather
- black spray paint
- silver paint / silver marker
- some odd screws.
- lots of metal bits, and electronics scraps for decor.
- A couple of sections for creating the main bulk.
- a simple led circuit

Tools Needed

- Stanley/ husky/ carpet knife
- Cutting surface
- Drill
- Paint brush

Step 1: Cutting the Main Shape

Ok, first step is to choose what shape you want the handgun to be.

Picture 1
- I created a simple paper template of the shape i was aiming for, and traced this onto card, to one side you can see the first template i made, which i was not happy with.

Picture 2
- Cut out 2 shapes out of the dense card/thick mount board
- Cut out a 3rd shape from corrugated card board

Picture 3
- Once your happy with the thickness, glue all three layers together using PVA glue
- Go all around the edge and force PVA glue into the holes in the corrugated card
- Wait for it to dry, normally over night

Picture 4
- I decided my handle was too up-right so i cut the shape for the barrel at the angle that suited best.
- as you will see later, i scrapped the card barrel you see in these pictures.
<p>Imagine this gun actually shooting a short distance...Best. Prop. Ever!!!!</p>
i cant find the hinge thing anywhere
Nice job! I really admire the action for loading/unloading the pistol. Two small critiques come to mind. First, have you considered weathering the parts of the grip that would be exposed to human skin? I see some very new-looking wood and leather there that almost clashes with the rest of the look of the gun. Second, in whatever setting this gun is meant for, what does it _do_? I'm not asking how glowing red liquid is meant to injure someone, but how is this gun meant to be used? Is it like a standard personal-defense weapon? Is it a hunting weapon? It is for law enforcement? Does it push the limits of technology in its setting? Is it vastly overpowered for its job? Function is strongly coupled to form in production firearms, so knowing _what_ your gun is would have a very strong affect on how it appears. Fortunately, there are tons of examples out there from the real world to compare things to. I can go into more detail as to how one evaluates a prop weapon in light of its intended use if you like, but I'm betting you get the idea.
Hey, thanx for the comment, nice to get some in-depth feedback - Yes the handle could do with being 'distressed' I figured it wouldn't take long for mucky hands to do that for me, and i didn't know how easy it would be to do. Secondly, the pistol, along with my plasma rifle would be used in conjunction with my time machine, basically, a weapon to use when fighting battles through-out time. Hence, its future technology, but not really that futuristic looking. Most the time, the technology would be in its own league even in future settings. On max setting the gun would be able to melt a hole 4ft wide in the side of a car. And each cartridge would give about 1000 shots.
any more nerdy details?
Ha! nerdy details.... this coming from a dude with a PAC-MAN for an avatar. I think this gun is really awesome. I am going to build a similar piece right now...
Hey, that is a PAC-MAN-GRENADE! Get it right, jesus-h... WTF is wrong with people? lol jk...
haha, I'm sorry, When i first looked at your avatar, i thought it was Pac-Man with a mullet. Only when you said grenade did I finally realize it:P
Business in the front, a party in the PAC.
Seen this instructable in '09, JUST saw the Mchinae Supremacy album in pic 1... Theyve been my favorite band for four years, lol, im actually listening to them as i type this message. <br>Overworld used to be my favorite album, but im starting to like Deus Ex Machinae better. :P <br>Hbu?
Can the base of the gun be made out of wood&gt;?
That's great! I know those hinges...but when I saw the video, all I saw was a cool-looking mechanical part that totally looked designed for the gun. That's always wonderful when a found object integrates so well it no longer looks like a found object.
Where are these hinges? I have looked at Home Depot, Lowes, Online at Lamas web sight and on Wickes website. It's the elusive yet ever so necessary hinge.
so yeah im having a big problem finding the hinge that you have on your gun.
In the US, you can find it at http://www.mclendons.com<br>I am gathering you would have to go the store itself to get them or find someone that lives by one to send you one.
I really like the design for this weapon.
Does my eye spot a Machinae Supremacy album? :3
3 words : KICK A$$ AWSOME . love it
Where can i find thick mount card
Where do you get the door hinge????
get from your door, or from local hardware store
I looked at lowes and they didint have the right one
maybe you can replace with similar part
This is sweet!!!!!!!!!!! I Love it nice work I would have never known that you used card on it! Keep these coming!
machinae supremacy \o/ awesome gun btw.
That is soooooo cool
&nbsp;you are the reason i signed up on this site. &nbsp;thanks for putting these up, i want to make this so bad. &nbsp;i am hopefully going to start tomorrow, im going to try to make this and your shotgun for an anime convevtion costume. &nbsp;though i am personally going to use more wood that card for handles and such, i like the added weight.
&nbsp;Indeed, now that I have a better workshop I am working more with wood, than the card. I am currently working on a new version of the Sunstar, and a carbine like rifle (which has a sneaky shot shown below!).
&nbsp;Already excited :D
&nbsp;i cannot wait to see that when its finished..holy crap
omg i want one!<br />
thats pretty BEAST!!!!!!!!!!!!! from the vid i saw that the loading thing goes very smooth
well, I'm off to build this around an airoft gun, thanks for the inspiration and all your stuff is awesome!
i like it :) coulda done a better handle tho :)
<a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/The_Sunstar_Pistol_Remodeling_a_Masterpiece/">Its a good thing I remade the handle then!</a><br/>
Did you use the 270 degree door hinge on your <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Cybertopian_Handgun_V2_steampunk_cyberpunk_dyst/">cybertopian handgun</a> as well?<br/>
I did yes, but it was infact a 180 degree hinge, i have corrected the ible also now.
Where did you get yours (I couldn't find them ANYWHERE, I tried Home Depot, Rocky's ACE Hardware, and a local store)
I got it from a DIY store called Wickes in the UK
Hmm, I guess I'll just have to look harder at the Depot
i guess you could make it look like an old fashioned revolver that shoots 50 cal... you know, same design and amount of detail but with a fat barrel and gigantic body. kinda like the Boltock from gears of war? check it out. i would love to see an instructable for that
One word ..... AWESOME!! You've inspired me :D I'm making one myself, but I have NO experience anyway I'm just gonna see how it turns out. I'm thinking about an bb gun feature, do you know a way to make it?
Thanks, the easiest way to make a bb gun version, is to get a cheap spring BB gun, then build ontop of it!
wicked wicked wicked
How durable is this with the cardboard?
Its pretty durable, once the thich card is made into a 'ply' with the PVA glue, it becomes very solid, on some of the bigger models i use metal poles as a structure enhancment.
how smal wolud this artwork cost be (in australian dollars)
can you send me a template of the card board parts you used my email is kahtah.demon.guy@gmail.com kahtah is said carter
I don't have any templates for this gun, as it was kinda formed ad hoc as i went along. Looking at one of the images i can trace it and put it into a pdf for you. There would be a small artworking cost for doing so.

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