Im not really sure if this is an instructable, because im pretty much just saying what i did, not really step by step. Also, some of the pictures have reddish tints to them because i dont know how to shut off the flash on my camera so i held my hand over it and it shined through my flesh when the picture was taken.

Step 1: The Base.

This part was created out of an old soccer ball. The soccerball goes all the way around, i tried to cut it out in the shape of a baseball. Because thats what i saw on the other instructables. But i didnt have a baseball lol.
Looks great maybe adding gears and some paint could work if u like.
I am really impressed with your creativity and ingenuity! This gave me lots of ideas! Thanks for posting.
Thanks for all the comments guys!
These look rather spiffy :) Well done :D
not bad, but not exactly steampunk<br />
Yeah, very cool looking but more <em>post nuclear punk.</em>
Yey the apocalypse! :D
Well done! I think making them out of cans is a great idea! really makes it look like it was made out of necessity as opposed to bought form a store. Great job! I can't wait to see more!
dude that looks awesome<br />
<p>Haha thanks!</p>
You should be able to turn the flash off - it'll be under a menu perhaps? But if you can't how about using black electrical tape instead of you fingers?<br /> <br /> L<br />
That is a good idea, although ill ask my dad how to turn it off, its his camera he will prolly know.

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