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I'm pretty new to the whole con scene (GMX 2010 was my first!), and I was amazed by the sheer variety of imaginative costumes and props worn by the attendees. It didn't take me long to decide to work on my own steampunk outfit, but I decided that if I was going to do it, it would have to be really well done (none of this gluing gears on umbrellas and calling it a day nonsense, thank you very much!). Since I have an entire year till the next GMX, I've started slow and opted to work on these steampunk potion bottles.

I want to be the first to state that I cannot wholly take credit for this idea. The seeds were planted long ago, practicing knot tying in Scouts and with my father. More recently, I stumbled across Stormdrane's work and was inspired to work on these potion bottles.

Stormdrane has done some excellent knotwork with paracord, a great deal of his projects far surpass my abilties. I suggest you check out his many instructables and posts, they are quite enlightening.

Finally, I give thanks to Angel, a t-shirt vendor at GMX. Without him, I would have not discovered these interesting bottles.

Step 1: Getting started: Supplies

Picture of Getting started: Supplies
Materials needed (potion bottle only)
- Glass Bottle
- 1" Steel Ring
- Suede Lacing (8' length)
- Cork

Pretty much everything you need can be bought at your local arts and crafts store. Hobby Lobby carries these nice glass bottles with a screw off cap; I would not suggest using an actual light bulb, as the glass is rather thin and removing the filament can be tricky. If you don't have access to a Hobby Lobby, any interesting jar or bottle will work. However, a tapered neck will help keep the leather netting attached.
Victor Does1 month ago

So nice!

Jetmaster3602 months ago

really great! Just one Q, How does the hydrogen peroxide/water solution extend the glow time? Do you know?

megan.durbin18 months ago

Have you considered using glycerin or another ingredient as an emulsifier so that the liquid doesn't separate?

makermike8 months ago

Great instructable! If you use a UV LED of short enough wavelength (they seem to come in a couple of slightly different colors), you should be able to get the glow fluid fluoresce even after its original glow has died away.

aggierandy10 months ago

I just tried this and I had the same experience as you show in your pictures and all though the effect is pretty good, I really didn't like how the glow fluid sat in the bottom of the jar. I added a drop of dish soap and shook it up which helped quite a bit.

You gave me the idea for my cosplay and my science fair project thanks
sha9on2 years ago
Hi, Have you tried putting light and battery in the metal ring in the bottom?
This is a brilliant idea!
killerx2 years ago
What was the Mason jar for?
osoto2 years ago
i musy be doing something really wrong when it comes to the glowing water....i mix the hydrogen peroxide, water and liquid, but the liquid just lays on the bottom of the jar...any suggestions?
i thought i would be able to use a light bulb for the jar since there similar but still great im sooooo going to do this
I just did our lampshade-which-is-actually-a-vase following your instructions! You're right, it's so much easier to just go by the pictures! Thanks for taking the time to make this instructable :)
Delo974 years ago
From step 3 to step 6 it would be MUCH easier with a video, and could you make some photos of how to attach it to an outfit, please?
Jindel4 years ago
These potion pots are Great!!
CrLz4 years ago
Beautiful Instructable! Your photos are total eye candy, very magic.
jefersonrod4 years ago
Very Cool, its a perfect gift for Warcraft fans.
Biggsy4 years ago
Welldone, a nice I'ble... Speaking as a Scout leader it's nice to see someone who remembers the knots we teach! hehehe

Kiteman4 years ago
Nice project.

(If you're on a budget, you can get presses that will hold a hand-drill: see step 2 - that cost me about £15)
pilotneko (author)  Kiteman4 years ago
Nice! I've seen these before, maybe I should try to make one of my own... After all, I built a combination circular/table saw here.