Steampunk Treo Smartphone Mark 1





Introduction: Steampunk Treo Smartphone Mark 1

I have been on a major stempunking rampage as of late and decided to take one of our old unused smart phones and make it a little more my style. The phone is still 100% functional and if I ever decide to switch to Verizon I can use it( I actually have ATT). This is the Mark 1 version prototype. Mark 2 is soon to follow and will include intricate and improved brass plates, leather backing, flip cover padding, and many other improvements. In the mean time I hope you enjoy the Mark 1. Within a week or two I will post another slide show (and possibly instructables if requested) on several other steampunk projects.

NOTE: the clock bezel allows full integrated function of the directional pad (which is underneath it)

P.S. please note that these pictures were taken in a hotel bathroom improv light box (albeit using my Nikon D40 with flash and this flash diffuser (kudos for that lol).
P.P.S. please comment and rate if you like :)



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This is unbelievably gorgeous. I look forward to the full 'ible and your mark II project.

Thank you! and they are on the way! cheers, Mspark400

how do you access the center button?

just push the watch face in the direction you want or center for a center click cheers, Mspark400

Well, i have to commend you, the 'cell phone' steampunking project is one of the hardest. You have done a great job, but i am more than sure that your non prototype one will be even more extreme! You can get flatter clock mechanisms than that...

And also as a side note, the collective slideshow of many of my steampunk projects will feature a gun that i believe you in particular will enjoy. Cheers, Mspark400

I look forward to it! We gonna see any full instructables?

Its possible. It really depends on what task i conquer next. Cheers, mspark400

Thanks for the comment! Mark 2 will definately feature a flatter and possibly more stylized bezel. In the next couple of weeks i hope to get up the Mark 2 project with its many improvments as well as its detailed leather work. Cheers, Mspark400

Yes, leather work is a great way to steampunk up electronics.