Steampunk Wristwatch With Mechanical Iris Cover. "TimEye".





Introduction: Steampunk Wristwatch With Mechanical Iris Cover. "TimEye".

Steampunk wristwatch with mechanical iris cover.

Thanks SWV1787 for excellent idea.



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    Brilliant! I'd definitely buy one!

    because this is instructables, would you mind posting directions along with the pictures


    I would love to buy 1 of these.

    Can I have that watch? I don't feel like trying to make one :)

    Amazing work. Have you thought about making a pocket watch version? Basically, replacing the flip-top cover with your iris.

    Hi, your work is amazing! Just one question: How did you open up the clock barrel? Thanks

    Where can I read the instruction here?

    I've read and re-read this instructable at least a dozen times. I just love this design. So simple, so clean, so well executed. You da man, goggleman!

    Hey gogglerman :)
    i love your work but i´m not able to do this by myself...which means i could never creat such watch.
    i´m from germany and now i asked myself wether you would sell one of these or not?!
    would be happy to hear from you. :D

    Hi! Could you please send me a list of the included items aswell as the size of everything, because I would really want to make one of those!

    if you would be so kind as to give me a list of what was used as well as sizes i would really appreciate that

    A genuine work of art, sir. Hats off to you.

    Beginner's steampunk's question : how do you manage to cut the brass ? I understand that you use a template but then, what kind of tools do you use ?
    If you know a tutorial for steampunk's art, it would be fine to give me the adress (for example I don't really understand the benefit/impact of using the propane gas...)

    Thanks !

    Hey gogglerman! I absolutely love this watch! May I ask from what clock you got your spring drum casing?

    3 replies

    Yes, could you please tell me what kind of clock? A wall clock or a mantle? And what size was the plate, because I am having trouble finding the correct sized clock drum.

    Thanks again!

    The diameter of the original drum-50mm. Watch the wall type their name and brand is not known as a drum was received by me in the form of scrap.

    Which language do you speak then. If we translate our questions to your language, then it will be easier for you to respond and thus we can start building faster.