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Introduction: Steampunked Triangle Water-level

About: I love to invent and create new things in a "steampunk styled way" working with brass, copper, vulcanized-fibre, brass gears and (ply)- wood. On one side I am fascinated in neon lights and small electronic ...

Hi everybody

I am so glad to present you my newest steampunk object after such a long time of absence. Because of being very busy in my steampunk laboratory I have had no time writing about it.

But now I want to show you one of my favourite projects of the last months. It is called the "Steampunked triangle water-level". Also the form of presentation is a new one because one part of my projects is always a special diary about the making of. Now I have tried to translate this Diary into english and want you to show this as a new form of a vintage steampunk-creator´s diary.

And here it is:

Step 1: Invention of a New Neo-victorian Instrument

This is the first page of the steampunk creator´s diary. This instrument might have been used by one of the heros in a Jules Verne novel at their adeventures.

Please be so kind and read these pages in the following steps;-))

Step 2: Creating the Steampunked Water Level Tubes

This part is about how to cover the water level tubes in a steampunked style.

Step 3: Making the Tube Holders

And here I present the new invention of "spring -holders".

Step 4: Creating the Base Plate

As you know, I love this red material vulcanized fibre. And so it can´t miss in this project too.

Step 5: The Central Measuring Plate

This is the heart of this steampunked instrument.

Step 6: Final Works

Hope you enjoyed this sort of new old fashioned instructables project.

Best greetings to all of my followers

Yours Aeon Junophor



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    onley compliments to give, design,idear and presentation....bravo.

    My dear friend. A great Instructable. That's awesome. Brilliant!

    Sincerely yours

    The Chocolatist

    Very well done and what I would consider Steampunk. I have a few ideas on how to make my own variation and if I remember to do an actual Instructable, I will certainly link back to your brilliant design.

    Brilliant, beautiful, and FUNCTIONAL as always! Good to see you're back in your steampunk laboratory, and I love the new "Steampunk Creators Diary" format... Looks like you have the first chapter of your book already;-)

    Clever use of found parts. The difficulty with steampunk is in parts that are too easily identifiable. You did a fantastic job of hiding that. Well presented too.

    Excellent work and well documented! Your friend Bricabracwizard.

    Tack så mycket för din vänliga kommentar. Hälsningar till Sverige en plats där jag gillar att spendera min semester, och där min bror bor

    Hi andrea biffi

    It is a great honour to me;-)) Next projects coming soon!


    Aeon Junophor

    Yes! I spend a lot of time with polishing......

    Sooo shiny! Even better because it's functional. I love functional steampunk tech. Thanks for sharing!

    1 reply

    Yo´re welcome;-))

    This is my understanding of "FUNCTIONAL STEAMPUNK" Each of my objects have got their special functions and also a fictional function so you can use them really in their described way

    Yours Aeon Junophor

    love your tutorials;-))))))

    very beautiful! Nicely done.

    That looks great! Definitely enjoyed!