Many of us have collected an array of Christmas sweaters, many of which hold memories to Christmas' past, or were given to us by a dear friends or family members. This can pose a problem for your wardrobe when your seasonal attire starts to outnumber your everyday wear. The sweater may have succumbed to moths or you may have outgrown it, yet you still cannot bear to discard the beloved puffy-paint Rudolph sweater that you made in third grade or the one great-aunt Alice knitted for you.

Well, no need to fret, you can keep those sweaters around and put them to good use as stockings and elf costumes! This would be a good beginner project as well, for parents who want to teach their children how to sew. My family usually gets together around Christmas to do some kind of craft project and this is a terrifically easy and inexpensive project that can teach kids to be resourceful (just make sure they know not to go around cutting up anything in their closet!).

Once you are finished you can either use the rest of your sweater to make two more stalkings, two more elf hats, a stalking and an elf hat OR you can check out my new instructable on how to make a Christmas wreath with the remnants!

Step 1: Select Sweater

strip of scrap material
little white tuft (optional)
Yarn (optional)

For stockings any sweater will do. Knit ones are nice, but if you want to decorate yours by gluing or doing any iron-on, you may want to consider some kind of Jersey sweater. If you want to add the little white tufts on the ends of your stockings you can find them at fabric stores or make your own with yarn.

For the elf hat you may want to find a sweater with a neck, making it fold nicely as a hat, but this is not necessary. You can always adjust your sewing to the material, which sweaters provide plenty of. You could also start at the bottom of the sweater for a wider finished edge if you don't have a sweater with a neck. I made the bigger fluff ball that is attached to the tip out of white yarn.

Hi, I think you may mean "stocking" ? I don't want a "stalker" hanging around for Christmas! Have a merry Christmas and I DO love your idea.
i find this comfortable to wear all year round. even at the beach.
I love this tutorial, and your photos are beautiful.<br />
I'm honestly shocked nobody has commented yet!&nbsp; I&nbsp;thought that, although a bit short and sweet on details, that these seemed very straightforward and helpful.&nbsp; I'm always hanging onto old clothing to repurpose it and nose I found some more things to do now.&nbsp; I collect interesting/quirky hats.&nbsp; And I&nbsp;also have trouble finding knee-length (or longer)&nbsp;stockings that fit me (I&nbsp;might be a guy, but I&nbsp;like having an off fashion sense X3)<br /> <br /> I give you 5 of those astral thingies and a fave!&nbsp;:D<br />
Haha, thanks! I'm working on a Grinch-style wreath made from the remnants of the stocking and hat at the moment, so stay posted for an update on this instructable.

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