Living in a small apartment require great organization. It is even more important when you live in an open space apartment or a loft. When I moved into my new apartment (a loft), I installed a Stolmen system to split the main room into two separated spaces : the living room and the bedroom. To make my project more interesting, I decided to include a LCD TV and make it pivot on the central post of my two sections system. Doing so, I'm now able to watch cartoon laying in my bed on Sunday mornings.

Step 1: Plan

To plan your Stolmen installation visit the Ikea website and get infos on measurement and features.

If you are familiar with Sketchup or any other 3D software, it could be useful to draw your set-up prior to buy the parts. You can also use good old pencil and paper.
<p>you are a genius</p>
very nice job!!
This is absolutely brilliant! I would love to do this, but I already have all the shelves I could possibly fit in my room. Really I just want a way to have a tv mounted on a bar that can rotate so I can view it from different areas, but I haven't figured out how to do that lol.
Tres bien fait. On perde un petit peu d'espace sur la tablette en dessous mais!!!<br>Nice job &amp; very creative.

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