The comic strip Calvin and Hobbes was wildly popular through its run in the papers. Like most people, I've always been a fan, and now my kids are as well. For Christmas a few years ago, I thought a stuffed Hobbes doll would make a great gift for one of my sons.

The artist of the strip, Bill Watterson, famously refused to allow his characters to be licensed and capitalize on their popularity, feeling that doing so would undermine the integrity of the strip. Despite obvious interest, Calvin and Hobbes merchandise was never available. Thankfully, you can buy all the comics in book form. I recommend picking up the box set if you don't already have it: Calvin and Hobbes box set on Amazon

Since you cannot buy a Hobbes doll, I figured I'd make my own!

For anyone interested in duplicating this Hobbes doll, I'm sharing the pattern I came up with for free. The pattern produces a Hobbes that is about 16 inches tall.

The pattern shared here is for personal, non-commercial use only.

My son loves his Hobbes and has been happily dragging him around for years. If you make one, please post a photo in the comments!

Step 1: Pattern

I spent a while digging through my Calvin and Hobbes books studying the Hobbes character when he was in the stuffed-toy form.

Early versions of Hobbes were very cartoony, and things like the shape of the nose and the number and placement of stripes were not always consistent. His proportions also appear to have changed slightly over the years. Later versions were crisp, clean and very consistent in the features. I based my Hobbes doll off of pictures that appear in the later strips.

To create the pattern, I broke the doll down into separate basic shapes. After some trial and error, I had a pattern that yielded all the needed body parts that fit together to my liking.

This pattern requires creating and stuffing all of the different body parts separately, hand stitching them all in place, and then hand stitching all of the stripes in place individually.

If that wasn't completely clear, this project requires a ton of hand stitching. You've been warned!

Begin by printing out my homemade Hobbes pattern, preferably on stiff paper like card stock.

You will need about 1/3 yard of orange fleece, some little bits of black, and a couple small pieces of white. You will also need some polyester stuffing, poly stuffing beads if you want, two black 3/4" plastic buttons, and some thin black cording or yarn.

For anyone having trouble finding the link to the pattern, here it is:<br> <br> <a href="http://www.instructables.com/files/orig/F64/GAC3/H994XNS2/F64GAC3H994XNS2.pdf" rel="nofollow">seamster's Stuffed Hobbes Pattern</a><br>
<p>Thanks a ton seamster!<br>I used this guide to make Hobbes and then started traveling the world with him. I linked the full story with lots of pictures below.</p><p>Let's go exploring!</p><p><br><a href="http://intothemild.co/2015/08/26/in-search-of-a-travel-companion/" rel="nofollow">http://intothemild.co/2015/08/26/in-search-of-a-tr...</a></p>
<p>Thanks for the fantastic instructions! Between my mom and myself, we managed to get Hobbes done for our Calvin's first birthday. </p>
<p>Excellent!</p><p>Glad you found this and were able to make a Hobbes. The fuzzy bits look awesome, and those eyes are mesmerizing! Nice work! :)</p>
<p>What is the orange material</p>
All of the fabric used for this is polar fleece. Please see step 1 for details.
<p>I made Hobbes for my son about 18 months ago. Since then we have given him a fez like Doctor Who, made him a member of the Green Lantern Corps, and had many adventures! </p>
<p>Ha! Very nice!</p><p>He looks about the same as the Hobbes I made - all pilled up and well-traveled. Great photos, thanks a bunch for sharing. It always makes my day to see people's Hobbeses :)</p>
<p>Hi, </p><p>what size Hobbes does this pattern make?</p><p>And if I want to make a bigger Hobbes how exactly do I expand this pattern?</p><p>Please reply soon.</p>
<p>The pattern will produce a Hobbes that is about 16 inches tall. </p><p>To scale it up, one way would be to just photocopy each page of the pattern and enlarge them all the same percentage, and print them out on larger paper.</p>
<p>Thank you for your quick response. To make a slightly bigger Hobbes I printed the pattern on A3 sheets. On what paper size was the 16 inches Hobbes pattern printed on? A4 sheets?</p>
<p>I had to look up <a href="https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paper_size" target="_blank">paper sizes</a> . . I had no idea there were so many different sizes depending on where you live! </p><p>I used standard North American letter size paper, which is 8.5 x 11 inches.</p>
<p>I made a super sized one, thanks very much for uploading the patterns. </p>
<p>Sorry for the re-post didn&acute;t know how to attach the photo o.o</p>
<p>Hi,</p><p>How did you make this huge one? How exactly did you resize the original measurements?</p><p>Please reply soon.</p>
<p>That is a very large Hobbes. Nice work!</p>
<p>Thank you for an awesome pattern. I have been nervous to use my sewing machine but I was so excited about this project and your directions were so clear I had to do it My son was Calvin at Wonder Con this year and the Hobbes was a big hit. Can't wait to see how the crowds at Comic Con like him.</p>
<p>That's awesome to hear! Thank you for the great comment and photo. I love it every time I see a photo from someone who makes their own Hobbes. It totally makes my day!</p><p>Be sure tell anyone that asks where they can find the pattern :) </p>
<p>Can't help myself, I went and made 3 more, up to 9 Hobbes' now and enough material to make one or two more</p>
<p>Oh, and I had a shirt made too ! :)</p>
<p>This is awesome on so many layers. Fantastic work. </p><p>Who will be the lucky recipient of all these Hobbeses?</p>
<p>Thanks, 5 have already been given away,I kept the first one of course :) ,I'm just not sure who will get the remaining ones, it's a freeforall lol</p>
What a great project! He took me forever but this was so rewarding.
<p>Hobbes loves the beaches in Mexico!</p>
<p>Fantástico!</p><p>Your Hobbes looks great, thank you for sharing the photo! </p>
<p>Made it for my daughter last year... I am in the process of making one for each of my brothers, but have since lost some steam. Missed Christmas, and now aiming for their birthdays. Thanks for the instructable!</p>
<p>You're very welcome, and thank you for sharing the photo of your finished Hobbes! </p><p>It always makes my day to see another homemade Hobbes! :)</p>
<p>Hi there - I'm not sure if this is you on Etsy - but it sure looks like your pattern:</p><p>https://www.etsy.com/listing/163042612/hobbes-pattern-digital-files?ga_order=most_relevant&amp;ga_search_type=all&amp;ga_view_type=gallery&amp;ga_search_query=tiger%20toy%20sewing%20pattern&amp;ref=sr_gallery_15</p>
<p>Nope, not me. </p><p>That is definitely not my pattern, so more power to the seller.</p><p>It is pretty unethical to sell a pattern for a character you do not own the rights to, though . . . </p><p>Free Hobbeses for everyone, I say!</p>
<p>Just looked at the link for the other pattern. Yours is WAAYYY better!</p>
Your pattern is just delightful and it's just wonderful that you've offered it as a free download. My son loved his hobbes when he was calvin for Halloween :)
Thank you for sharing this wonderful pattern!! Great instructions and fun to make!!!! Made it for my three year old granddaughter (actually for Daddy I think!!)
<p>Awesome! Your Hobbes looks so good. Very nicely done!! :)</p>
<p>Thank you for the amazing pattern. I planned to make a hobbes doll for my 2 year old son in time for the birth of our daughter - inspired by our friends the compare our mischievous son to Calvin and by his current obsession with tigers. I got as far as buying the fabric. Luckily my amazing mother in law stepped in and made us a Hobbes. Thank goodness - it would have probably taken me ten years. My son is totally enchanted. </p>
<p>Awesome! Glad you found the pattern. Every kid needs their own Hobbes for sure! :)</p><p>Thanks for the great photos. And that third photo, wow! It appears you live somewhere gorgeous!</p>
Cape Town, South Africa. That is Table Mountain from our upstairs balcony. Your pattern has gone global!<br>
<p>Woohoo!! Ain't the internet great? Gotta love it, so much fun!</p>
<p>My children, thanks to their grandparents, have become Calvin and Hobbes lovers. So over the holiday breaks from school there was a collective effort to construct 2 Hobbes. Each child helped with their own Hobbes. I think that this was a wonderful family bonding experience that they will be able to look back on with great fondness.</p><p>Thank you for the instructable!!!</p>
<p>Very nice! Thank you for sharing the photo. </p><p>I'm glad your family found the pattern and was able to make a pair of Hobbeses! :)</p>
<p>I made this guy for my daughter for Christmas - he was very well received! Nice pattern &amp; instructions. Fortunately I like to sew by hand.</p>
<p>Very nice! Glad you were able to make one. Thanks for sharing a photo with me too. Always fun to see people are still finding and making this! :)</p>
<p>Hi-I made my son Hobbes for Christmas and he was so excited. For Valentine's Day I want to make accessories. Does anyone know of any accessory patterns?</p><p>thanks, Kristin</p>
<p>Hi Kristin - I made a paper pirate hat from a small weekly newspaper, a tie from fabric - I made a long tube, turned it right side out, tied it, then cut the back &amp; attached velcro so it didn't have to be tied &amp; untied all the time. Just took some paper, sketched out a mask w/two eye holes &amp; cut it out of black felt. I knitted a red scarf but if you're not a knitter red fleece would look fine. </p>
<p>Hi there,</p><p>I am just starting my Hobbes (yay!), and I am wondering what 'place on fold' means on the pieces for the arms and legs...</p><p>What I understand is that I should double the lenght of the arms and legs pattern (so it is twice as large), and then sew the larger sides together to have a tube... is that right ?</p><p>I hope I am clear, my english is a bit messy :)</p><p>thanks for your help !</p><p>Marion</p>
<p>You are correct! :) </p><p>Your arm and leg pieces should match the way mine look in step 3.</p>
<p>thanks for answering so fast!</p><p>I did the body yesterday, and will be doing the rest of the body tomorow... so far so good :)</p><p>Looking forward to finishing it and sending you the pictures... this is awesome !</p>
Sorry i missspelled Calvin... :)<br>

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